NST Join In January 2019 - In With The New

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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Happy New Year Turtles
    Day 1 of NSD in the bag as I’m not leaving the flat today. Plenty of food in and back to healthy eating.
    Bits and bobs need to be used up this week, I’ve loads of odds and ends in the freezer that need eating to make room for my online shop on Thursday.
    I’m going to try my best not to go into shops at all this month, straight to work, straight home. I find online food shopping better for me, less temptation to put extras in the trolley. If I’m spending too much I knock off bits I can live without.
    My only debt is my credit card which i am aiming to pay off as much as possible. I get paid weekly so pay some off on pay day and what’s left before I get paid again.
    Better get on as we’ve visitors later.
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  • Maisie_MMaisie_M Forumite
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    Morning all Happy New Year to everyone.

    Today will be NSD 1 as we are going to my Brother and sister in laws for dinner with the rest of the family and I have already bought gifts to take with me.

    I may start on a use up box as I dont really have much time to do a lot before we go out so that would be a good use of my time.

    We started our penny a day tin a few days ago as we would like to use the money at the start of December for Christmas so we started to top it up early with the hope of getting the money all in by 30.11.19:)

    I am grateful for a nice sunny day today, being able to get back to sleep after all the people round about let of fireworks, for not cooking today and for spending time with family.
  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Dottydaisy wrote: »
    On the stroke of midnight could I please join in for January. I am going to follow Janus in looking forward for the first time in years. All the past bad times and memories are going to be stored in the furthest compartment of my brain, locked away tightly and I am stepping into the future with new aims and plans.
    As I sit listening to the fireworks I am planning on having a cracker of a year as simply and frugally as possible in order to pay off some of my debts but have some good things to do during the year.
    I am going to meal plan, look after my health and wellbeing and make new memories.
    I will be back to list my budgets later today, and list my plans for my 1000 days.
    Today I am grateful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on the table. That over Christmas my family came together and not a wrong word was spoken for the first time in years. That my 95 year old mother is still with us, a little forgetful, but her health and wit are sound.
    I am looking forward to this new year.



    Dottydaisy - I simply had to say what a lovely post. May 2019 be your year xx
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    brizzlegirlbrizzlegirl Forumite
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    Morning everyone :wave:

    Thanks for my number CCL - feels nicely auspicious.so it’s No.33 checking in

    So putting it all in writing...to help me focus :)

    I am planning to stick to my 5 goals for 2019 and post every day to keep me honest :wave: and of course do the RED challenge. On that note planning on going out in the next hour..

    I am planning on updating my signature to make sure I keep AFDs, LSDs and NSDs and I keep up the decluttering. I will put a list of my frog jobs in my bullet journal and will start with tidying my chest of drawers next Saturday. I will also aim for £750 in funds from Bay sales, TCB etc to try and pay towards more debt repayments. It’ll be hard earned but worth it.

    My debt repayment schedule is all set up in YNAB. Aiming for full repayment in 2020 but if I can do it in 2019 I will as I can confirm I am thoroughly bored of having debt :angry: and need to get mad with myself and sort it. I will do a TT every day.

    I am so grateful for my good fortune, will carry on with the charitable donations and will add a drop to my local food bank :( pains me to have to write that. So shouldn’t be needed...I will do a drop of some items every month this year.

    Lots of love to everyone here, may your 2019 be a fantastic one

    Brizzlegirl x
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  • 364ab364ab Forumite
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    Happy New Year everyone! Let's make it a good one, full of money saving support to help us on our debt free and savings journeys.
    I wrote my challenge list out yesterday and will transpose to here tomorrow (currently have a sleeping pooch on my lap) but I thought for now I'd post my 3 gratitudes:
    1) Great friends (and partner) who I saw in the New Year with
    2) The chance to use Jan 1st as a marker for reflection and continued (or new) habits
    3) Sleeping pooch on my lap

    And today is also a no spend day! Woo! 1/10 complete :j

    Peace and love to all
  • iloveteailovetea Forumite
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    Happy New Year.

    Nsd today.
    Cleaned out kitchen cupboards,looked for things for the use up box. Apart from the fact I have 16 tins of baked beans,nothing to use up.
    Grateful for a lovely sunny day.
    For leftovers so no need to cook.
    For being able to chill out this afternoon with my cross stitch.
    Doing an on-line Tesc0 shop and being able to pay for most of it in clubcard vouchers.

    Hope you all have a good day.

    ilovetea xx
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  • allie23allie23 Forumite
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    Happy New Year everyone. NSD for me today. Apple crumble made to take to parents this afternoon for pudding. Done my first walk of the year too as the weather here this morning has been beautiful.
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  • Robi90Robi90 Forumite
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    NSD for me today and I went out for a lovely walk which was good exercise. :j

    Grateful for :
    Opportunities to go out and explore the countryside.
    The bath bombs I got from my mum so I can have some relaxing baths this month.
    The two weeks off work for the Christmas break which gave me time to rest.
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  • shabbychic12shabbychic12 Forumite
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    Was on track for a Nsd but then realised my passport didn't hv enough let on it for when l go to Morocco in March( all ready booked last year) so after numerous attempts at doing a passport piccy myself it cost me £6 to have them done. Then l took a photo of one and uploaded( successfully) to the web site and paid another £75.50. Not the start l had envised to 2019.
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  • ponypalponypal Forumite
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    Hello! I'm in. Loved this in November, took December off and went completely off track. I'm trying to do another no spend month in January so will aim to check in every day :)
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