NST Join In January 2019 - In With The New

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    Evening everyone :hello:
    It's lovely to see so many of you on here and raring to go in 2019. And really encouraging to see so many of you that are debt free and still keeping the faith (that was me once :cry:).

    With regards to listing frogs - I didn't mean that anyone needed to list them on here. My list is on the fridge next to my penny savings chart. I did have 12 items on there when I wrote it yesterday but seeing it made me get on and start doing stuff and I've crossed a couple off already. As long as it's not a case of cross one off and add half a dozen more on then I'm ok.

    I'll be heading off to bed soon - won't be up seeing the New Year in, so I'll wish everyone a very happy one, and I'll see you at some point tomorrow.

    Good luck turtles! We have got January in the bag :D
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    Staying in tonight and just having a good old tidy up, watching some old black and white films with some cheese and wine. I already know that lunch on Wed and Thurs will be sandwiches and a banana. There’s still lots of food left over from the Christmas break so I’m not planning on spending anything until a small food shop on Sunday. Happy New Year everyone!
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    Spend free days (NSD’s)I'm going to aim for 20 as money is going to be pretty tight this month.

    Make plans for the monthI've got a couple of things planned for this month but will make sure that they are as low budget as possible.

    Always pay your debts firstBudget is done for January and debt payment has been made. I'll update YNAB tomorrow.

    List your frogsMade a start on this and will add to the list as I think of more.

    Little savings I've added a whole £2.50 to my emergency fund taking it to £9.50 :rotfl:, will continue to add as I can.

    Chill out – Will aim to read a bit every day. I've also got a few adult colouring books which have been sitting there for ages so will aim to do some colouring in too.

    Helping others – I've set up a charity donation which will come out at the start of the month. I'll also add items to the food bank whenever I'm in the supermarket.

    Always be gratefulWill post 3 gratitudes each day.

    New to YouMe and OH are planning to do a huge sort though of all our stuff, there's still unopened boxes from when we moved in, who knows what treasures we might find ;)

    Get involvedI always struggle with daily posting but will try this month.

    ExerciseI really need to get back into exercising regularly. I got some vouchers for Christmas to get more running shoes so that will be my first step.

    Sort it out I don't really have anything in the cupboards lurking that doesn't get used except spices but will aim to use up some of them.
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    On the stroke of midnight could I please join in for January. I am going to follow Janus in looking forward for the first time in years. All the past bad times and memories are going to be stored in the furthest compartment of my brain, locked away tightly and I am stepping into the future with new aims and plans.
    As I sit listening to the fireworks I am planning on having a cracker of a year as simply and frugally as possible in order to pay off some of my debts but have some good things to do during the year.
    I am going to meal plan, look after my health and wellbeing and make new memories.
    I will be back to list my budgets later today, and list my plans for my 1000 days.
    Today I am grateful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on the table. That over Christmas my family came together and not a wrong word was spoken for the first time in years. That my 95 year old mother is still with us, a little forgetful, but her health and wit are sound.
    I am looking forward to this new year.


    NSD 1/3,
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    Pinch, punch, first of the month! No replies!
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    Happy New Year Turtles _party_

    Today is NSD 1/20 :D I am armed with my budget books and raring to go. I only have £111 this month but it improves after January & every tiny thing is budgeted for until Summer. My energy supplier emailed last night to say my DD was going down 12 pounds per month :jSo I will update that today.
    Make plans- planning on taking the kids to play group or the park on Friday which is freee :D

    Debts & savings are done, I'm going to print that little chart off when I'm in work tomorrow too & give it a go.
    Frogs list done- starting with making my use up box today.
    Always be grateful- today I am grateful for- my bubba saying happy new ears :D (Hes 3) for the smell of my kids & they're pyjama cuddles & for having enough. More than actually. 8 years ago today it was my best friends funeral because he commited suicide on Christmas Eve & I guess it could make me hate this time of year but it makes it appreciate what I have & my family & that Christmas is a happy time for us. It tends to shine a light on whatever people have or don't have and I guess.

    Excersize- running. Eugh. I will let you know if I surive :rotfl:
  • crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    Good morning Turtles, and Happy 2019! _party_ :dance:
    Hope that you're all fighting fit and raring to go, and aren't suffering too much if you were celebrating last night. Amazingly I was awake to see the New Year in (although only just). DD asked me to stay up with her, so I did - but I reckon I was asleep by 0015. :rotfl:
    I'm not used to being awake that late so still feeling tired this morning, but as plans for today are fairly relaxed then I'm not going to worry about it.
    I have transferred £50 towards my 1 debt vs 100 days as I'm feeling quite determined to sort stuff out as soon as I can, so making the most of it while I have the feeling. Hoping to do another little PAD later once I've looked through my finances.
    Need to do a little bit of housework before my sister comes round later for dinner. Just hoovering, washing up, putting stuff away etc. The pork is in the slow cooker so will be beautiful by about 4pm. So just a day of pottering, relaxing and staying on top of my lists and plans.
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    Happy New Year everyone.

    Just a couple of glasses of wine last night so I feel fine this morning. Plan to go for a good walk with DH, it is a couple of hours and we plan to be back home for lunch. DD went to a leaving do yesterday and brought home several giant cornish pasties and pork pies, there is only DH that eats that sort of thing and he doesn't eat them regularly so they need to go in the freezer today - don't know how they will fit though.

    I have a couple of things in the cupboard which I plan to use this month - half a bag of giant cous cous and a packet of suet. Have also identified a couple of things we need to buy this month, one is a glass measuring jug for heating soup then pouring into our food flasks as it is too hard to pour from a bowl, the other is a new washing up bowl - exciting times ahead.
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    Emerging from the sidelines, pom poms in hand, to wish you all a very happy New Year,

    First 1p of my penny challenge in the tin!
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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