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My Plusnet broadband died one morning. I'd recently asked to be switched to fibre and I mentioned this when I reported the fault. They asked me to check a bunch of connections, etc. which I did. They said they would have to send out an engineer to check everything, so I took a day off work and the engineer came out.

He did a couple of checks and said I'd been switched to fibre but hadn't been sent a new hub. I'd had no notification from Plusnet that I'd been changed over. I rang Plusnet and the guy said he could see on his screen that I had the wrong hub and would send one out.

They are going to compensate me for my loss of service, but I also think they should offer me something for taking a day off work totally unnecessarily. I didn't need an engineer to come out and they should have seen that straight away.

I'm not naive enough to think that they wouldn't try to wriggle out of it, but I don't think I'm being unreasonable. Am I?


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    They might give you £30 as goodwill .
    OR may well have attended the cabinet but then not needed to visit you . But they may well have found they needed to .
    Not at home when OR called no internet you would be complaing even louder about that .
  • Having hit brick walls with everyone I spoke to, they have just offered me a month's free broadband in addition to my loss of service. I'm happy with that. I just hate when they have that "we don't compensate for financial loss" mantra on a loop. Just shows that persistence and insistence on speaking to a manager does pay off :-)
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    atprice wrote: »
    I just hate when they have that "we don't compensate for financial loss" mantra on a loop.

    I think it's all to do with today's 'claim for a blame' society that we live in - if they admit liability, you *may* want to sue them further .... :)
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