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Prepping for Brexit thread

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  • Mr_SingletonMr_Singleton Forumite
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    Yes for a short time there could be problems with medications

    I take it then you personally would be happy to forgo any medications life saving or otherwise? or is your plan more about other people’s medication?
  • Mr_SingletonMr_Singleton Forumite
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    I'll volunteer the West Wales ferry ports - ie Fishguard and Pembroke Dock - for that one then - as a temporary measure. Provided, obviously, that it's shared out between all the ferry ports in our country (England, Scotland, Wales).

    I think the roads here will cope with a few extra lorries - I've yet to get involved in a traffic jam anywhere in this area - so we can handle it as a temporary measure to help out the whole of our country.

    Tally ho! Old chap that’s damn decent of you. You say a couple.... can I put you down for 3 a day? Now let me see we only need to find ports for another 1597 OTHER lorries per day not to nention the usual 16,000 a day.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    It's going to happen whether we like it or not, sniping at us is a waste of words because we can't do anything to make it go away just the same as you! all we are trying for is a little extra under our hatches to tide us through the likely disruptions and possible shortages that may be part of the short term future. I get that people are cross, I get that people are unhappy with both the result of the referendum and the mess the government has and is making of negotiating the minefields of withdrawing from the EU when they don't want it to happen either, I even get that people want someone to blame but I don't understand exactly what is so wrong with trying to stock up a little, not masses and years worth, just a little with basic supplies to help in the transition period between being a member of the EU and not! So shouting at us because we are trying to help ourselves is rather futile!
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Nothing wrong with stocking up on what you feel is essential for your particular household, for any adverse events. That could be serious illness, or really bad weather, or temporary disruptions in the supply chain which may happen peri-Brexit. Or there might not be any major issues, we don't really know until it happens. Those who look ahead and think about what they and their family need to do are the sensible ones. Those who spend their time trying to stop the tide like King Canute instead of looking at the realities and the practicalities now, whilst they have the time, are the ones who will get caught out. Whatever one's opinion of the whole Brexit issue may be, it's happening and this thread was set up for people to share ideas on how to prepare for it. No panicking, no talk of Armageddon or nuclear bunkers, just looking at logistics and practicalities.
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  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    maryb wrote: »
    There was something in the paper yesterday saying that the Met Office think there might be another Beast from the East in January because there has been another Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event. I intend to treat that risk as a dress rehearsal and see if I would be able to get through a couple of weeks of disruption relatively comfortably

    Thanks for heads up.

    I checked the Met office website and yes it says we could well be in for some severe weather. I shall definitely prepare for that.
  • FruballFruball Forumite
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    If the previous 45 pages have generally forecast difficult times ahead, can I assume all respondents have been doing what they can to prevent brexit happening?
    People's vote etc?

    Yes! More than most. I'm a relentless campaigner. 😁
    We were getting the blame for the leave vote 'because' we are older and it's an assumption made by the younger remainers that if you are older you WILL have voted leave, it won't matter what words you use or how many million times you use them if the remain contingent are convinced that the people responsible for the leave vote are the older part of the population, they will continue in the conviction and we'll be vilified and harassed and blamed whatever the actual truth of the matter is. It is a time to be cautious if you have grey hair and perhaps be a little lower profile then you have been previously in that type of situation.

    I campaign with plenty of more mature people and youngsters!
    I'm really disappointed by some of your posts here. You're obviously a Leaver with a strong opinion and lots of your posts show passive aggression to those who disagree with you. Most people don't want to go back to the bad old days that people like you view thru rose tinted spectacles.
    Well - my first thought if it comes to a "leave with No Deal" situation is it's basically a "Do a Dunkirk" Mark 2 situation if need be.

    I'm rather assuming that, if there's no room left on ferries for goods to come into the country - well we have plenty of "leisure boats" in individual hands and, if need be, then individual boat-owners (whether off their own bat and hoping for a "profit situation" for themselves personally:cool::( or through a government scheme) could just load up their boats one side of the channel with the goods we need and unload them again our side of the channel.

    If that's what it takes for us to "Get out - and hopefully close our borders back up a bit" then that's what it takes and I'd certainly be ready to "set sale" personally and head across the Channel to do my bit to pick up goods if need be to get us through any "days of disruption" temporarily.

    You're quite misinformed! A few boats collecting food from the Beaches isn't going to help!!! Its all got to go through customs and with a no deal, you'll never get it thru before it goes off! You'll be breaking the law! :rotfl: :rotfl:

    And our borders are protected by laws that our own government CHOOSE NOT to implement!
  • David_AstonDavid_Aston Forumite
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    If this thread was renamed "How to be thrifty", smashing!
    However, for those of us STILL hoping to head off a disaster, it is simply bizarre.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    I don't care which way it goes, I'm just so fed up with the whole process I want it over and done with. No rose tinted glasses here, my younger years were hard and poor and not much by way of pleasure but 'free' as much as they could be living in a democratic society. I won't be labelled a leaver or a remainer by people who only read what I write, you can't know 'me' or what I think unless you know me in real life, I'm neither I am British and have a great love for what being British is and I'd like to feel the pride of being so until my last breath. I want life to go forwards and step out of the box it's been caged up in since the referendum, one way or the other it doesn't matter but we're stuck with the anger and fear until it does. My politics such as they are only involve the right to free speech (yours too) and fairness and equality for every person in the land (including me).
  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Perhaps we could have a new rule on here that all comments should have some prepping content please. This is supposed to be helpful and reassuring not spiteful and taking pleasure in picking on others comments. I believe in free speech for everyone but either please keep to the prepping side of things or start another thread where the discussions that aren’t prepping can go please. I set this thread up to be positive and helpful and I’m sure many on here want that to.
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    Yes, a very good idea Cuddles and prepping ideas and advice will help us all in the long run. It would be very helpful to know what each of us have at the core of our supplies, the bones of things that can be built on IF we feel the need to do so.

    We have camping gear but the tent was sold many years ago so we've the stove, cooking set, water carriers, air beds and sleeping bags, some foil blankets and shelters, good all purpose knives, sturdy bags (firewood collecting) and identification books for birds, plants, animals etc. a good strong tarpaulin to make a shelter and a lifetimes worth of 'know how' to help us through any event that means having to leave home.

    In an event for staying in but staying put we have all of the above, a wood burner stove and the firewood to run it, ample supplies of 'larder goods' that I'll use in our everyday meals anyway, waterproof outer layers, warm indoor clothes, loo rolls etc. not excessive amounts of anything but just a little extra to normal in case we're poorly or the weather means we can't easily get out to the shops.

    Things I rely on are porridge oats, sweeteners (all types including golden syrup, molasses, honey, sugar and stevia)split red lentils and herbs and spices to ring the changes, rice and pasta, tinned goods of all types but more baked beans and tinned tomatoes than any other single items, flour for flatbreads and oils for various different kinds of cooking be it from frying to making a vegan cake. With those at the core of things we can hope for a diet that gives all the nutrients we need to keep us fit and give us the extra energy we'll need if we have to do things manually.

    Hope others can build on this as a set of basics.
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