ebay not honoured PINCHME discount code

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Hi All, I am interested whether any other buyer has the same problem?

I tried to redeem ebay’s PINCHME buyers 10% discount code on 16 Dec, but when I got to Checkout for the auctions I’d won, ebay rejected the discount code with the message: "You already applied this code to an order" when in fact I hadn’t used the code before. Eventually, after getting a prompt from ebay to pay for the goods or receive a "non-payer" strike (and I don’t see why the seller should suffer), I’ve had to pay full price for the items without any discount.

After contacting ebay Customer Services four times (with no resolution), they appear to have closed the case. But I feel ebay have cheated me out of the discount - and their offer was an enticement to bid.

The first time I contacted them (on Sunday 16) their representative said it was a technical problem, that others had the same issue, and within 24 hours I would be sent a replacement voucher code to use. When I contacted them on Monday 17, they back-tracked and denied this.

Any others experienced the same problem, because the more complainants then the more chance to get a resolution?


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