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Christmas Eve Boxes?

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    Commercial marketing packaging ideas that were around & making them a New Tradition, which is surely an Oxymoron.

    With bonus awkward moments - what do you give the girlfriend staying over at short notice? and have you a pair of new PJs in her correct size? (Triple bonus points for son who hands over his box & wars his duvet cover with minimal embarrassment & No Prompting.)
  • I had never heard of it till I had my daughter. (Her first Xmas this year)
    Wasn't going to bother... But I've decided I sort of will.... she gets a book and a cuddly bear. So the book me and her dad will sit and read whilst she snuggles with her bear.
    And the book will be a different Christmas story. So only a couple of pennies spent.
    Just something to do in the eve. And next year when she's two I will add in feeding the reindeers and santa
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    Its normally something like a shoe box sized box. People arent putting tablets in them or avocado's or frappacinos. They put some pyjamas and a few bits in. Usually to try and detract attention from the following day. So maybe a (family board) game, dvd or book. Home made reindeer dust, maybe a christmas themed cup and plate for santa and his deers. Weve always lit a candle for my granddad (those not here) on Christmas eve so im going to put a candle in my daughters to try and carry it on.

    I think the christmas eve box is an attempt to snatch it away from commercialism. There seems little competition to get something of monetary value but every intention of getting an experience and memories to value. Aint nobody going to remember they got pyjamas for christmas, everyone will remember their christmas eve boxes (pretty much just pyjamas) and those special times. Plus you can actually relax a bit on christmas eve, for most Christmas day is pretty manic until everyone falls asleep.
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    I have had them for around the past 6 years or so, i's never anything big, just nice christmas pyjamas, a family game, a craft item, new toothbrushes, santa plate and 'reindeer food', that sort of thing. Never any toys or anything expensive.

    I always had them in nice new Pj's in preparation for photos on Christmas morning anyway, it's just a nicer way of giving them :D
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    Pollycat wrote: »
    I've never heard of this 'tradition' (and I'm a pensioner).

    Where has this idea come from?
    And how long has it been a 'tradition'?
    About three and a half minutes, I think!!
    (Signed: another pensioner!)
    Happy Christmas everyone.
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    Although xmas eve boxes are being called a new thing, I remember xmas eve, getting new PJs when I was a kid, and there being a family DVD that we would all gather round and watch.

    We would all have a high tea, plenty of lovely sandwiches, and treaty bits that we wouldn't normally have had

    And when my kids were little, I would always make sure they had new PJs to go to bed in on xmas eve, and watch a xmas film together.

    It wasn't packaged in a pretty box or anything, but the stuffs still pretty much the same
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    We did it when my girls were little. It arrived after lunch on the bed. It contained a craft to keep them occupied in the afternoon. A DVD to watch, some popcorn and a sachet of hot chocolate. Then new toothbrush, toothpaste, some bubble bath and the all important new PJ's for the next day's photos.

    For me it was about keeping us (them) occupied so they didn't get over excited. Then some bits to use to get ready for bed.

    They are older now, 14 and 11, but still get new PJ's.
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