Prepping for Brexit thread

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    We don't KNOW what will happen, THAT is the whole point of prepping and the purpose of this thread is NOT politics but to try to make some provision for what MIGHT happen in all our individual lives if or when Brexit does or does not happen. Unless you can see into the future the whole Brexit concept is totally unknown territory and all we can do is take a guess, a stab in the darkest dark at what will be actuality. Our lives may be unchanged in any way and it might still be life as normal although I doubt that, we may find ourselves in times of dire shortages either because the products aren't available or because their price has escalated out of reach and we cannot afford to purchase them, who knows??? or we may find temporary spaces on supermarket shelves if there are problems with the restocking infrastructure. I can only give my opinion and I will take the precaution of stocking up just a bit with things I would hate not to have, my cup of tea is the comfort factor if all goes awry my ability to make bread will fill all gaps left if other foodstuffs are short on the ground, my meds keep me healthy and extend my life so for all those things I will make provision, contingency plans for everything else too but not so much stocking up. It's ALL I can do as an individual to help myself because I doubt very much at this late stage there will be any politician in any party in the UK Government or the European Parliament who is either willing to listen to my or any other voice and even less willing to act upon anything I may suggest, no the path is set and being trodden and we will have to wait for the outcome and hope it isn't as bad as we all fear!
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    I am getting SO WEARY of all this political haggling. I think it's fair to say that nobody, including the general public, the politicians, the civil servants and the negotiators realised just how complicated and complex a task it would be to extract us from the European Union.

    To renege now, having had a public referendum, would make us even more of a laughing stock with the wider world than we are already becoming.

    I have no idea what's going to happen. I would just like to see some peace and goodwill from everybody trying to negotiate our way out of this. Maybe we need to lock the key negotiators in a room with only bread and water (and one toilet between them all ) and not let them out until agreement has been reached.
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    Good post Primrose and great idea! The people at the top are useless self serving eejits, and that filters down to the general population. Maybe if nothing else it will make people more aware of power of their vote and the importance of voting.
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    Like many of you I am building a stock cupboard in case there are shortages.

    However I am keeping quiet about it as I think those that have not prepared will be the ones knock at the door asking to borrow things, if they know you have them.
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    I'm just not interested in the politics of it all.

    Im Just keeping my own counsel, quietly getting my finances in good shape and stockpiling a few key items as and when. :D.

    I'll up my game in the New Year. I've got plenty of storage space.

    Like so many have said no one knows what lies in store but if we keep our heads we will be fine, especially those who have good strong practical skills like cooking, gardening, sewing, basic diy.

    And if you haven't got those skills then learn them - that's what libraries and you tube videos are for.

    I am hoping that as a country we become less wasteful and more resourceful. Yes there might be a few shocks, especially for some of our younger people who perhaps haven't experienced lean times like some of us older ones have had to deal with but I'm sure they will learn, adapt and thrive.
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    A few of us are mature enough to remember with affection the Buy British and Keep Britain Tidy campaigns of yesteryear. I can feel them coming back! It'll be Go To Work on an Egg next!
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    My favourite was Follow the Country code because the red faced farmer jumping up and down because his gates had been left open looked like my uncle 😃
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    I'm ordering a second freezer and going to fill one with meat and one with veg. Not purely for Brexit but it does give me a push. Plus laying in a couple of crates of tea and dried milk. You do not want to be stranded in the same country as me without my tea... :eek:
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    I think a second freezer is a great idea. I might pinch that one, if I may.:rotfl:
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    I've just recently bought a second freezer, nothing to do with Brexit, more for my convenience, stocked it up only a couple of weeks ago and today is the day I start digging into it

    I commend this to the House:D
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