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Christmas Lights Gripes

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Christmas lights are now up and twinkling in town centres across the land, but this year some high street celebrations have left shoppers a little underwhelmed.

One Christmas parade reportedly consisted of just three floats, while elsewhere the brave decision to go with a 'Christmas owl' instead of the usual tree backfired. Other places have gone all-out though, including the pub which has covered itself in 95 trees. So has your local display disappointed... or brightened up your night? Let us know - and share your pics.
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    moleratmolerat Forumite
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    Definitely underwhelmed. A few years back someone decided to save money by leaving the majority up all year. Now we have a patchy display as the weather destroyed most of them. One example is a lamppost out of the town centre all on its own with an illuminated snowflake on it, it used to be part of the extended town centre display and now just looks ridiculous. The shopkeepers must be furious wondering where their BID tax goes.
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    I lived in Tiverton in Devon for a number of years. One year the council invested in some new Christmas lights. Unfortunately the person choosing them hadn't realised that when they were lit up they looked just like Father Christmas's underwear :rotfl: apparently this even made the Daily Mail.

    This is our first Christmas where we live now and have been told the Christmas lights are stunning, can't wait.
  • *Louise**Louise* Forumite
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    This is the last year our town will have funding for Christmas lights. Due to austerity measures leading to cutbacks the community will need to fund them themselves next year.
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