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Free Case Craft Beer from Beer52 (£5.95 P&P)

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samborambosamborambo Forumite
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Just got an offer via my Hello Fresh subscription. Free case of beer plus snacks for just the postage. This is a subscription service so you need to phone to cancel (no online cancellation unfortunately) but there's no minimum subscription.

You can claim here:


  • Arfa__Arfa__ Forumite
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    Used to only be about £3 for P&P in the past.

    Beers are good, but you have to remember to cancel your account after or you're paying £24 for 8 small beers, bit steep IMO. And you have to phone them up to cancel, so expect the hard sell on that call.
  • If you follow link it’s still £2.95 p&p.
    Thanks to all who post here:beer:
  • Nice one! I might get one!
  • Hard to cancel your order, as you need to call them up unable to cancel online
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    rollingmoonrollingmoon Forumite
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    fisher91 wrote: » you need to call them up unable to cancel online

    You don't - I've had the introductory offer twice now and cancelled both times using the live chat. You'll get a response saying they have cancelled you, but if you change your mind you can have £10 off the next box. I didn't bother.
  • AlexlandAlexland Forumite
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    Thanks samborambo that code is still working in March 2019 so for £2.95 they delivered me 8 beers and a snack and the first beer was very nice. However they are a bit on the small side so I can't see why anyone would want to pay £24 per case. Their chatbot won't let me cancel online so I'll have to phone them during the week.
  • buffersbuffers Forumite
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    Tried to order and got as far as payment details. Blocked at security number on back of card. Tried four cards with no success. On reading terms a message came on screen from quick chat to ask if they could help with my order! Gave up!
    Jesus loves you:j Everybody else thinks you're an idiot:rolleyes:
  • AlexlandAlexland Forumite
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    OK so beer number 2 and 3 were also very nice. Phoned up to cancel and they offered me £10 off the next case and then I could phone up to cancel afterwards. The agent suggested they were still making some profit at the £14 price point and I agreed. I then logged in and took the special offer to upgrade my membership from 8 to 10 beers for no cost in the first month. The payment pending is now showing as £14 for 10 beers.

    So that's a total of £16.95 for a case of 8 and a case of 10 beers - just under £1 per excellent beer.
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