Martin Lewis: Are you an overdraft prisoner? How to escape it


  • I am an overdraft prisoner and unable to shift bank or get an interest free card to help clear it.

    Am I able to reclaim interest charges if they are causing financial hardship or is it only bank charges ? I currently have the interest frozen for a month but when it restarts I will be looking at a charge of about £4 per day. The bank have said I could close the account and set up a repayment plan but that would mean an instant default which i would prefer to avoid
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    I am an overdraft prisoner, I’m with RBS and was offered a £2000 overdraft whilst working part time earning £600 a month, the charges are now £8 a month and been paying these for nearly 16 months now, would I be able to claim back charges ? I applied for my overdraft online so was easy to do ? 
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