Beware - Plusnet increases for black Friday deals

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Hi all

Just thought I would share this info with you. Before I went on holiday a 12 month unlimited fibre contract with plusnet was £23.99. Decided to wait and sign up when I got back. Just checked the latest so called black Friday deals and a 12 month contract is now £27.99. An 18 month contract is £23.99 so they are expecting us to sign up for an extra 6 months for the same price and calling it a black Friday special. Scam!



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    Or they're offering a good deal for fibre for a longer period so the customer wins.

    Scam my backside.
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    So why didn't the OP sign up at £23.99 for 12 months before they went on holiday? It would have taken two weeks to go live anyway so assuming a two week vacation it would have been either ready or not far off ready to go. In any case that £23.99 deal can be beaten elsewhere anyway, and Plusnet can be haggled fairly easily with if you join for 18 months.

    TL;DR - not a scam, more OP apathy than anything else.
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    Black Friday is a ploy to get you to spend money, not a guarantee of cheap prices. There's no shortage of media articles highlighting prices higher on Black Friday than other periods of the year.

    It didn't exist 10 years ago and hopefully will disappear equally soon if people ignore it.
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