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Outfox The Market Direct Debit changes

edited 17 December 2018 at 3:02PM in Energy
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  • toshi wrote: »
    I also feel that they would have some cash flow problems, suddenly they attempt to get a cash in advance (before high usage Winter time) .. Our energy consumption is fairly low, but they intend to collect 15% more usage than actual use.

    They also now offer "PAY 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND FIX YOUR TARIFF plan...." Well same variable tariff with 6 month advance payment.. (They really try to get cash in advance here again)

    The price-wise, OTM offers still one of the cheapest tariffs to us, it is OK to me to have winter higher DD, but (as an ex-Iresa customer lol) I rather am concerned about their desperation to get cash in advance.. as we have seen before..

    I suspect that they have cash problems. I know the unit rates that we are currently on are low but I think the risks outweigh that. I won't be surprised if they go bust soon. I am going to request to get a refund as we are nearly £400 in credit. Funnily enough (or not) they say the one of the reasons that they've change the direct debit is to avoid people having too much credit in the first place but this is what's happening to my account.
    I am going to switch to a different provider & they better not charge the exit fees.
  • We currently pay £38pm and our direct debit is increasing to £53 then down to £23 in April.

    We,ve always been low users & our estimated yearly usage is £454. Based on 2168 units for Electric & 3960kw for Gas.

    Luckily it seems we have not been hit with a major hike in payments unlike most in this thread.
  • OFTM: Likewise, likewise, likewise - thank goodness I'm not the only one reeling in shock and anger!
    Will take others' tips of contacting the ombudsman, ofgem etc.
    Could switch away, but I've checked and OFTM is way cheaper!
    Does anyone know what would happen if I cancel my DD and instead, set up a Standing Order at the bank for the amount I'm currently paying?
    Has anyone else tried this yet? Any response to it from OFTM?
  • harenghareng Forumite
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    Should i stay or should i go.

    Trouble is next best on here and several others is an extra 36% increase just shy on £1k pa based on 2017 usage of Gas 7315kw and Elec 4005 and do work from home.

    Been with OFTM about 8 months variable tariff, up to now no complaints.
  • Does Martin Lewis actually read the forum threads? Surely he can't be ignorant of this high-handed move by Outfoxthemarket.
    I'd love him to lean on them and the powers that be to get this made fair again.
  • Wheres_My_CashbackWheres_My_Cashback Forumite
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    Does Martin Lewis actually read the forum threads? Surely he can't be ignorant of this high-handed move by Outfoxthemarket.
    I'd love him to lean on them and the powers that be to get this made fair again.

    No he doesn't. The only way to ensure he gets to see this is by using Twitter.
  • I'd love to be able to afford to move away on principle, but looking at the cheap energy club results, these guys are the cheapest by far.

    Even the cheapest on CEC are charging almost as much per month as OFTM will be in the 'expensive' winter months. I'm staying put until there's a better deal.
  • I was one of the early adopters like January time.

    Mine is gonna increase from £65 to £112 over winter.

    Screw that I've just done a switch to Peoples Energy tonight for £73 a month.
    The whole point of a DD is to follow a graph that if your amount is correct and usage stays much the same 12 months down the line you are net £0. This is essentially paying what you are using at that point in time because they probably are struggling.
  • hubbhubb Forumite
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    Well I earn cashback on my Santander account for DD so if they overcharge me it will earn me something until they pay it back.
  • I’ve had an email this morning saying my Direct Debit payment was going up from £91 to £129. Their own estimates of my usage is an average of £75 a month over the whole year. I've used £65 a month since June and have a £240 credit balance.

    I'm also on the low tariff deal that can't be increased till next October.
    I called to say the £129 figure was wholly disproportionate and asked them to reduce it. They refused to do this as it would be "too much work" for accounts. I managed to compel the call centre chap to explain my situation to accounts and he said it wasn't possible and that the DD was coming out this month.

    I was assured a further mail with a more accurate calculation based on my actual usage would turn up. I’ve just found the one sent at 3.30 today - they’ve INCREASED it to £189.

    I'm cancelling my DD tomorrow and switching to Bulb. They apparently offer to pay any exit fees. I'm not going to sit and let them take whatever they like out of my bank account.
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