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Prepping for Brexit thread

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  • ivyleafivyleaf Forumite
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    AmyHunt wrote: »
    That's petrifying!

    What is petrifying?
  • FarwayFarway Forumite
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    ivyleaf wrote: »
    What is petrifying?

    A hard stare from a Gorgon:)
  • carrielovesfantacarrielovesfanta Forumite
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    Farway wrote: »
    A hard stare from a Gorgon:)

    Good work!
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    pennystretcherpennystretcher Forumite
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    Just came across this thread and I'm glad. There are only couple of people who know that I am really prepping for the no deal Brexit... Today I went and bought a sleeping bag in case there is a disruption in gas supply and my house will be freezing. (OK so I have electric heaters, hot water bottles, electric blankets etc) but thought the sleeping bag would be handy in any case if in winter something damages the electric lines and hence my combi boiler would be out of order...

    Also I've started stocking up on food slowly - which at this time of the year is sensible IMHO considering what happened last winter when people started panic buying for food after two flakes of snow fell down from the sky...

    So this thread hasn't been very active recently, however - the case of no deal is increasing, so I expect more comments here sooner rather than later..
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    PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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    When you consider how much of our daily foodstuffs are imported from Europe it seems sensible to build up a stock of the basic items we use regularly like tinned tomatoes, olive oil, etc. A quick glance on labels to check country of origin as one wanders round the supermarket, or even on the labels in your own storecupboard will give an idea of which items these should be.

    if all else fails I will be happy fall back on old faithful matured cheddar cheese!
  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Hi guys
    I started this thread but left for a while because it became too argumentative and moved away from the original idea but it seems to have calmed down so I thought I’d pop back.
    There seems to a lot of scaremongering. Mainly from the powers that should know better but I can’t do anything about that so am just going to plod on with my prepping. I live quite a simple life and I can’t get hold of Spanish strawberries for instance I can quite happily manage without. I could manage for a few weeks with what I have in now if necessary and am only buying what I will use anyway. I have blankets, candles, a windup torch etc in case of power cuts. Plenty of clothes in case of price rises, so I have time to search for bargains.
    It will be interesting to see how the next few months unfold but as a woman of a certain age have managed to live through high unemployment, high interest rates and bankruptcy and I’m still in one piece so I’m sure this isn’t going to be the end of the world.
    Anyway I’ve work tomorrow so better get to bed.
    TTFN Frugallers
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    thatthat Forumite
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    Anybody remember a film called "Soylent Green" a post-apocalyptic science fiction thriller film and they turned people into food?

    This has got nothing to do with turning people into food, but is a powder you make from nutritious material that completely fulfils the body's requirements. There is a commercial version called Soylent (after the film), but there is also diy equivalent called 'diy soylent', mixed at home from 'common' off the shelf items.

    The aim is a very long life - about a year, compact, lacks nothing nutritional (except flavour?), just add water, mix and drink. There is also an effort to get the best nutritious value for the lowest cost, personally I would go for taste first. Also some may not be in a position to grow their own, or a harvest could fail, or a neighbour or thug may harvest your crop one evening while you are sleeping - hunger make people act weirdly, and forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest?, plus there are just no guarantees of what often surmounts to a yearly cycle either.

    This diy soylent may not sound appetising, but better than the Siege of Leningrad (1941-1944, 872 days) where after a few weeks pets were among the first to vanish, then insects, birds and rats became a scarce delicacy, young children vanished, and reported incidents of cannibalism took place.

    This is the real soylent

    The google search term is diy soylent and there are multiple recipes. Also, which is considered as the Soylent Wiki for recipes including nutritional value and cost.

    From the above there were three obvious UK entries that were easy pickings from the first page, made mostly with familiar items to us Brits, possibly a bit dated on prices and suppliers? A daily cost of £1.45 A daily cost of £2.22 A daily cost of £1.00
  • TheBankerTheBanker Forumite
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    I'm concerned and I've started making some sensible preparations. I'm worried about energy supplies and prices, so glad that Brexit will happen after the worse of the winter is behind us.

    I'm worried about food, both short term supply chain disruption and price inflation. So I'm buying a bit extra. I wouldn't call it a stockpile but it will see me through a few weeks if needed. If it's not needed then it will be eaten anyway.

    Closer to the time, I'll ensure I have a reasonable amount of cash at home (including some non-Sterling). I am not sure yet whether to transfer some of my savings to Euro or US Dollar - I will decide nearer the time.

    Close to B-Day I will make sure the car is fully fuelled. I will also lay my hands on an old fashioned landline telephone, in case there are problems with the power supply meaning mobiles cannot be charged and cordless phones won't work. For the same reason I'll make sure I have candles, torches and batteries.

    Important information and contact numbers/addresses will be written on paper, in case electronic records are hard to access due to power problems.

    I'm not predicting doomsday - but I'm from Yorkshire mining stock and my family survived wars, recessions, depressions, three day weeks, power cuts and strikes by being prepared. I might be a soft southerner these days but I remember what they taught me about dealing with tough times.

    Chicken Soup :)
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  • David_AstonDavid_Aston Forumite
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    If the previous 45 pages have generally forecast difficult times ahead, can I assume all respondents have been doing what they can to prevent brexit happening?
    People's vote etc?
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    zeupaterzeupater Forumite
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    If the previous 45 pages have generally forecast difficult times ahead, can I assume all respondents have been doing what they can to prevent brexit happening?
    People's vote etc?

    The question raised from that comment is why? ... If you voted 'leave' then you'd be planning for the disruption resulting from the awfully poor strategy adopted by the government & London centric civil service who are predominantly well rooted in the 'remain' camp ... if you voted leave but accept the result then you're planning for the same reasons, particularly so to keep your head down until all of the annoying noise created by the disgruntled vocal minority of fellow 'remainers' start to pipe down ... if you voted remain & believe that the 'Armageddon' scenario peddled by the vocal minority in order to sway opinion then you'd be worrying far too much for your own good ... and if you don't believe in democracy unless it's your own form of democracy, you'd be one of the vocal minority running around shouting 'the end is nigh' on every TV news programme, every shopping street corner and every column inch they can leverage ... :wall:

    Me, having recognised the result, I'd have left on July 4th 2016, almost straight after the referendum ... in order to prevent total economic breakdown across the entire European continent, concentrated minds & effort would have long-ago delivered the trade deals that we're still not even allowed to start negotiating under this pathetic & skewed 'Article-50 agreed process' and we'd not have disgruntled ex-politicians and civil servants running between studios in an attempt to resurrect their lucrative Brussels based career path plans whilst achieving little more than unnecessarily stoking argument which has already been resolved & annoying the bulk of the general public not living/working within the M25 ... of course, as we'd also share our own new 'independence day' with the USA we might get a better (/bulk) deal on jointly importing celebratory fireworks from China! .. :cool:

    We've got some of our contingency tinned alternatives to the EU sourced fresh produce we want but aren't too worried if supply sources are switched to (say)Morocco and shipped in through non-EU facing ports for a while until everyone realises that storms in tea-cups may not really be as serious as some may wish us to believe!

    In summary, can you assume? ... definitely not!

    "We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit. " ...... Aristotle
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