Tesco coupons

Hi can members please be aware when printing off coupons on this website that TESCO will not accept any without the safe code logo I tried to redeem 2 coupons yesterday and was made to feel like a criminal and were refused. Anyone else had problems. Waiting to hear from them after sending email to Head Office thank you


  • The latest batch of coupon offers from Tesco might seem tempting to some, but as i found out they are only any good if they have the stock in store!! The Walkers Baked crisps being a prime example. Cut the coupon from the latest October edition of their in store magazine and get a free bag of crisps......if you can find them! Went to my nearest big Tesco store to redeem the voucher, twice, only to find the shelf empty of stock. These coupon offers are worthless if there is no stock! Seems to just be another Tesco ploy to get people into their stores. I Walked out and went to Iceland instead to do my shop where their milk is 9p cheaper for 4 pints by the way. Every little helps!!!
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