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anyone got 1st central car insurance?

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  • jakey22jakey22 Forumite
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    It's been almost a month and I've been calling twice a week and emailing consistently. It's been confirmed I'm owed the money after sending them the proof of no claims and I feel at this point the company is deliberately wasting my time

    These people have shown themselves to be bumbling inept buffoons!!!!! Not Professionals.

    God Help you if you ever need to Claim with them.
    You cant even get them on the phone, much less make a claim!
    They are not Competent.

    Stay as far away from them as you can.
    I took out insurance with them in Jan 2017. I tried to update my vehicles cover to include Business use for my wife who had changed jobs. I could not get through to them on the phone or contact them via the web.

    In the end I lost all confidence in them, because if i ever did have to make a claim with them it would be a nightmare. In the end it was easier to go & get another policy and just cancelled with them.
    At every turn, they have made it all but impossible for me to get any refund for the 4-5 month insurance that I paid up front for.
    They have mislead me, & mucked me about for months. All I asked for was a refund both in writing & by phone.
    I complained & they upheld my complaint & apologised but they still won't give me my money back or cancel my policy. Even though I had verbally & in writing told them to cancel my policy.
    To add insult to injury, they sent me an email threatening to renew my policy & take funds from my credit card, A Card they previously could not refund!
    Shortly after the renewal notice arrived, they sent me an email saying they were proposing to refund £3.92 for the 4-5 moths insurance. I would love to pay that amount for the best part of half a years car insurance premium!

    I had to cancel my credit card with Nationwide because they could not, or would not, assure me they could prevent this company from taking money from my card on the pretence of a renewal. This even though, I had complained to them about this matter & still had not received a reply!!! What a carry on!!!!

    STAY WELL CLEAR OF 1st Central. You may want to reflect on the wisdom of have a Credit Card with Nationwide while you'r at it!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    "Simply Driven" is 1st Central's their slogan. More Like" Drive you Simple" if you try to do business with them!
    Or maybe more apt the company should be know as, "Driven by the Simple" :)

    Happy Motoring.
  • I highly doubt anyone leaving a positive review on this company is legit.
    I suspect they have links to the company as in my experience and what I have read up on them they are the worst company I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with.
    They have terrible customer service and will rob you at every turn. You just have to look at google review to see how bad they are.

    They will not pay a claim because I accidentally clicked my sister as spouse instead of sister on the initial form.

    Does not affect anything to do with the policy in anyway.

    When claiming they will interrogate you to try to get out of honouring their policy.

    I’m on a mission to insure nobody else gets robbed by these crooks. will be doing everything in my power to stop anyone else going through what I have.

    Avoid them at all costs!!!!
  • LXGBLXGB Forumite
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    Absolute crooks, avoid at all costs!

    After experiencing their massively popular website Driving Licence start date trick, I cancelled the policy and paid dearly, despite still being inside the 14 day cooling off period.

    I then had to buy a replacement policy on the day, which of course costs more than buying in advance.

    I am still fighting to get back the unauthorised transaction they made on my credit card.

    Complaint made, but not holding my breath. Next stop will probably be a referral to The Financial Ombudsman Service.

    Don't get taken in by the low quotes, you will regret it!
  • DandytfDandytf Forumite
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    1st central quote was excellent.
    Couldn't accept as they do not honour medical license via website.
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  • Debbiegw50Debbiegw50 Forumite
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    I have sent this to 1st Central Insurance....I think it is ridiculous the way they deal with things and expect customers topay for their SLOW inadequate service!!!!

    After speaking to your accounts department today who were not really helpful and after being put on hold for at least 20 my phone call was then put through to your accounts team.

    I was told that my insurance was conveniently cancelled at 15.22 hrs and I apparently rang TWO MINUTES later at 15.24 hrs. When I rang on that day (24th February) 2020 a member of staff told me that my insurance was cancelled with effect from 23.59 hrs on 23rd February 2020.

    Today I was told that it was effect from 23.59 hrs and I was told today it was not cancelled at midnight.  I do not work for 1st Century so took it that this was done automatically by computer. When I rang on that day they told me ‘it was CANCELLED WITH EFFECT FROM….meaning I was not insured from that time and date.

    I did get annoyed and frustrated with member of your team today as he was bot helpful whatsoever and I informed him that I am not willing to pay for administration fee WHATSOEVER. Regardless of what email address I sent correspondence from it was in Subject box PLUS your member of staff told me I had 3 weeks to reply…I KEPT POINTING out I did reply on 18th February 2020 (again as I do not work for 1st Century), I thought this would have been sorted BEFORE it actually was.

    I have NEVER EVER had this experience with any other company in my life!!

    I hope to get this sorted out as soon as possible with a positive outcome.


  • jimbo2108jimbo2108 Forumite
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    This company charge excessively for any changes. I changed my car before taking delivery, at a cost of £215.00 however I didn't take delivery in the end and changed the policy back to the previous car (Change hasnt taken place yet) they tried to refund me £60.00 so this means that I had to pay £155.00 for insurance that I have never had? Absolutely ridiculous, cant wait to see the back of them when I change in August!
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