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Painting Kitchen Cupboards

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Hi all,

I know there are several threads on this topic but my situation doesn’t quite match any of them.

Had a ‘Moden’ kitchen in my new house with laminate doors that had started to pop and were unsalvagable. Unfortunately Moden went out of business many years ago and (Sod’s law) their cabinet and door sizes aren’t manufactured by anyone else. So my only choice was to have new doors made.

So, my local chippy has done a sterling job in making and fitting all new shaker style doors and draw fronts using MDF. I also got him some paint to put on as he said it’s easier for him to paint the large MDF sheets prior to cutting them all to size. So I got him an waterbased MDF primer (one coat) and waterbased Dulux Diamond EGGSHELL interior wood paint (two coats).

We quickly found the Eggshell finish to be innapropriate as you couldnt wipe it clean without leaving a blemish on the paint. It seemed like it lacked sheen and was very matt. You certainly couldn’t give it a good scrub to remove marks etc.

So next step was I repainted it all (after a light sanding) in Dulux Diamond SILK interior wood paint (two coats) which seems to be a lot better and can be washed down to an extent. However it’s still not as durable as I would’ve hoped.

I am therefore after some advice on applying a clear coat of poly or lacquer of some description. Can someone advise:

1. What product would be best?
2. I’ll need to apply with a brush as don’t have spray gun. Is this OK?
3. Do I need to sand before applying?
4. How many coats of clear coat should I need?
5. Is a clear coat not a good idea, and a better option would be to use a high gloss paint in chosen colour?

Any help would be greatly received!

Thanks for reading,

ODT84 :)


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