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Are leather seats overrated?

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  • EssexExileEssexExile Forumite
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    I just don't "get" leather seats. They come heated or cooled, because they are leather. You don't need heating or cooling with fabric seats. I keep my cars for many years & have never had problems with fabric getting dirty or wearing out. Unfortunately with most manufacturers leather comes as standard on the comfy seats so I have to put up with them.
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  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    facade wrote: »
    As in plastic cows :D

    Mercedes call it man made Leather I believe.

    The closest the "half leather" seats in my Nissan have ever been to a real live cow is when I put a Macky-D on the seat once.:D

    I doubt there is any real cow meat in the burger or the box. Stick to eating the boxes, far tastier. :)
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  • My Kia has 'leather' seats, but at least the ads make it clear it isn't real leather.; they call it 'faux leather'. It is easy to wipe down, toasty warm in winter with three levels of heated seats, and cool in summer.
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  • Leather quality from different manufacturers can vary hugely. Not to mention the seat support, bolsters and so forth. The sports seats in my RX8, are heated leather and IMO are much better and supportive than s lot of cars I have been in.
  • onomatopoeia99onomatopoeia99 Forumite
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    I also think after a short amount of time the leather begins to sag and look noticeably warn.

    My car is 18 years old, I've owned it for 14 of those years and the leather is yet to look noticeably 'warn' [sic]
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  • motorguymotorguy Forumite
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    I don't drive anything fancy and probably never will. My car has your standard cushion material seats and aside from the odd water stain here or there, nothing is really wrong. The car is 5 years old.

    When going into my dad's car and his leather seats, the first thing you notice is just how damn cold the thing is when the weather is low. Also, it can get ridiculously hot in warm weather. I remember us driving for less than and my whole back was sweaty. It also makes me feel much warmer than I would be in another car.

    I also think after a short amount of time the leather begins to sag and look noticeably warn. I would prefer having your standard seats compared instead of leather.

    Does your fathers car not have air con? You really shouldnt be getting betty swallocks on a hot day if the air con is on. :eek:

    I can take or leave leather TBH - to me its whether it suits the car or not. Wouldnt want a Jag with cloth, likewise i dont think its necessary to have leather seats in say, a Fiesta.

    One thing i DO hate though is stains on cloth seats. Gross. Leather is easier kept.
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  • unholyangelunholyangel Forumite
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    Arklight wrote: »
    It mostly appears to be something called “genuine leather” in non luxury cars, which is about as close to being a plastic as something can get while still mostly originating from a cow.

    It’s easy to clean, which is its main advantage.

    If they're describing it as genuine leather then it needs to be genuine leather and not bonded or coated leather, otherwise they'll likely be guilty of an offence under CPRs.

    As for the seats, leathers preferable if you have animals or young kids imo.
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  • NasqueronNasqueron Forumite
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    Whatever the type of leather I have in mine, it's lovely and comfy, heated seats = great in winter and for your back if you get aches, in summer yes it can be a bit hot but use a car windscreen shade and air con it's fine
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  • fred246fred246 Forumite
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    motorguy wrote: »
    Wouldnt want a Jag with cloth, likewise i dont think its necessary to have leather seats in say, a Fiesta

    Well that really makes sense. It's a seat. why does it matter what the badge on your box is?
  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    Just be grateful that cars no longer come with vinyl seats (anyone under 50 probably won't have experienced them). I vividly remember my first Mini, which after a couple of hours parked in the sun would have seats hot enough to fry an egg on. And the aircon on that was achieved by sliding the window open...
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