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Old Style Daily Friday 12th October

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • PollyWollyDoodlePollyWollyDoodle Forumite
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    Taff I don't usually post on here but I noticed your comment about a blocked loo. If the blockage is near the loo, eg if it's resulting from something down it rather than a problem further down the pipe, you can often unblock it with a mop. Either fasten a plastic bag VERY securely round the mop (you don't want a plastic bag down there too!) or if it's a disposable mop head just consider it a sacrifice. Use it as you would a sink plunger - it has worked for me on more than one occasion. Migh save you calling a plumber.
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  • Olliebeak1951Olliebeak1951 Forumite
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    Wow - having read all the posts so far, there's no chance of replying to everybody individually for fear of leaving somebody out :o:(.

    So many of you have got your own health issues, as well as poorly and unwell parents/relatives - my prayers go out for you and ((((HEALING HUGS)))) all round. Well done to maddiemay's DB for standing his ground for his DM :T.

    Thinking about everybody with sick animals too - they're often even more of a worry for us as they can't actually TELL us what bit hurts ................... we just get the miserable expression/soulful eyes/yelps/not eating - gentle strokes/cuddles all round for them.

    Family responsibilities where children/grandchildren/parents are concerned are high on the list as well, right now. Finding time to balance and prioritise everybody else's 'needs' - as opposed to 'wants' - can be so hard .................... make sure that you all find some 'me-time' in there somewhere ((((HUGS)))). None of us are of any use to other people when we neglect our own health/general well-being :o.

    Those with career moves/issues, good luck to you all - those days are past for me, but I appreciate the worries and demands that they make on us. Also thinking about those with children/grandchildren with Education/Work progress to be sorted out - makes us worry for their futures, which probably won't be as certain as what we've all experienced in our own lives - how things change! Gone are the days when you could hand in your notice on a Monday and have a new job by Friday - which is what I did on a few occasions :eek:.

    For all who are experiencing Storm Callum - keep your heads down and stay safe .................. I'm sure that most things can wait for a couple of days. I can just hear the winds getting up a bit outside my widow right now .................... OH is going to do a 'quick shifty' to the local shops for teabags (for himself, as I don't drink tea) / sugar (also for himself, I don't take any) / potatoes (evening meal) / coffee whitener (helps to eek the milk out when we run low ;)). Thinking especially of Gers in the Scottish Highlands - we holidayed in Arrochar one year, and can appreciate the remoteness of Glen Croe :T.

    I've had the 'all-clear' regarding the wound from my operation - dressing has finally gone after 16weeks! Still need to be careful in the shower (put a dressing on to keep it dry) and need to go back to Consultant in 6wks - but I now feel confident in returning to my voluntary job :j (wish that smiley could be waving a walking stick in one hand) ;)!

    Today is my 'Lazy Day' so I'm still sitting here in nightie/dressing gown - may celebrate with a long-awaited shower when I've had my lunch ;)!

    Enjoy your day, Oldstylers :wave: - Ollie xxx
  • -taff-taff Forumite
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    Taff I don't usually post on here but I noticed your comment about a blocked loo.....Use it as you would a sink plunger - it has worked for me on more than one occasion. Migh save you calling a plumber.

    Thanks Polly, I gave it a go, no joy...Think I'm going to have to get OH to lift the manhole cover and see what's happening in there. I sense a purchase of drain rods in my future :)
  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Very quick, late post from me.

    Sending copious (((HUGS))) & good wishes to everyone - especially the TAs & Holly.

    Quite windy here but still dry. Have rearranged the contents of my 2 freezers & updated my lists of contents :T Am about to do some knitting & watch Russell Crowe as Robin Hood :D

    DSis is out & DH is in the garage making a small garden table which will replace the expensive one which will be cleaned, oiled & put away for the winter.

    Had hm vegetable soup for lunch with hm focaccia croutons - a tad too spicy for me but that was sorted with a dollop of soured cream :rotfl: it was tasty though :D - just threw things into a saucepan, cooked & then zizzed :) Two large portions put in freezer as well.

    Keep safe & warm

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    -taff when I was having chemo via a line in my chest a few years ago I actually found it Ok .But as all the veins in my arms had collapsed and were useless it was a case of necessity .It did feel odd having this line on my left hand chest and I thought it would be catching on things but it seemed to be OK and a lot easier for them to administer the 6 chemo injections.

    My oncology lady bless her recommended chocolate and lucozade for after the injections as it will stop the horrible metal taste you get at the back of your throat, had no problem in chomping on some chocolate at all, and suffered the lucozade as I am not much of a fizzy drinker unless its tonic with a largish gin added :)

    I wish you well as chemo is not pleasant and having to eat beige food whilst on it was even worse for me as I love lots of flavour and spicy stuff , but that made me quite poorly I ended up having those protein drinks to live on for about 6 months until the treatment was finished.

    I did enjoy quite a lot of McDonald's strawberry milkshakes though which helped a bit. :):)

    The weather haer has been pretty good this morning and has only just started to turn dark and damp.

    DGS Ben came this morning and did some painting at the front of my house for me bless him He has got a trial day at a school in Rochester next Monday as a temporary TA, not brilliant but it will keep him occupied.

    DGS Jack is due home tonight for the weekend which is brilliant and I am looking forward to seeing him.

    My eldest DD and her OH are travelling up to Chester today to visit friends for the weekend and I think they are driving into the storm I have texted her a few times but she's still not replied as yet.

    Tomorrow morning I am at Rochester Cathedral at The Big Knit for a baby loss awareness counselling charity that I knit for, so I am looking forward to that,then in the evening my quiz team and I are at another charity quiz night for the local round table in aid of a local dementia charity so it's going to be a busy weekend as on Sunday we are all off to DGS Katie's house for Sunday Lunch and lots of cuddles with DGGD Erin on the menu :)

    I made several dozen cheese and onion sausage roll type things for the quiz tomorrow night as we have two veggies in the team, also made some mince pies as Christmas isn't that far away either :):)

    Much love to all who are having a tough time with parents/illness etc and fingers crossed Holly gets her meds leveled out

    Take care everyone and have a good weekend

    JackieO xxx
  • elonaelona Forumite
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    Anyone with a loo problem - I found pouring a lot of liquid dish liquid down there and then several basins of hot water left for a half hour then flushed and then repeated several times worked a treat! It is also a lot less embarrassing than having a van outside advertising what it does!!!!!!!
    Having had to call an emergency plumber when family were due to visit and being mortified things would not be sorted in time - I am so glad to have found something that works .
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