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Have solar panel quote, need advice

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Have solar panel quote, need advice

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TalldrakeTalldrake Forumite
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I had Project Solar visit me this week and give me a quote:

Core components 14 x Evolution Max Life solar panels Included
8 x Tigo Optimized Included
1 x Growatt Twin Tracker inverter Included
Voltage optimiser Included
K2 mounting kit Included
inc. access equipment (if required) Included
Installation Fully installed Included
Fully registered Included
10 year workmanship warranty Included
Lifetime limited warranty on the Growatt Twin Tracker inverter Included
HIES warranty Included
Lifetime performance and build warranty on the module Included
Anti-theft device Included
48 hour repair response with dedicated customer care Included
Total cost of goods £7948.00
Total cost of labour £1987.00
Net total £9935
VAT @ 5% £496.75
Gross total £10431.75

Their projections are £548 savings in the first year (savings, selling and tariff) with 14 years for it to pay for itself.

I've told them I'm thinking about cancelling and they called me. They offered a free upgrade to Sunpower 333w panels if I go ahead. Is this really a good panel?

Any advice? Does this seem reasonable? The stuff I've found online so far generally seems to say they offer a good service,but overquote.


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  • Merlin139Merlin139 Forumite
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    Give them a call and tell them to poke it!

    You can get far better, far cheaper! Around 4 to 5K cheaper. God knows how they can quote for 2k in Labour!

    They are still trying to sell a Voltage optimiser that has never been proven to do anything apart from waste you money!
    3.975 kWp PV SolarEdge System South Facing 10% Shading Installed 21 May 2014 Located in Mid East Yorkshire.
  • What details should I come back with?

    Can you suggest a cheaper company to use?
  • Exiled_TykeExiled_Tyke Forumite
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    Where are you and what orientation do you have for the roof - i.e. which way will the panels face. This can help others predict production.

    Is there any shading on the roof? (chimneys, near by buildings, trees?) to take into account?
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    Martyn1981Martyn1981 Forumite
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    Talldrake wrote: »
    I had Project Solar visit me this week and give me a quote:

    Project Solar quotes on here are simply a joke. They are usually twice the price (or more) and have insane paybacks usually based around massive (false) inflation on the electricity savings - £548pa is not a 14yr payback it's a 19yr payback.

    There are lots of threads, I'd suggest doing a search (see green panel at top) of their name and reading some threads.

    Here's a thread to start you off, but please cancel, the quote is simply insane, panels and inverters are much of a muchness, and salesmen that say differently are just trying to justify a vast price tag on which they probably earn £000's.

    Project Solar panels quote.

    BTW, only a very quick guesstimate, but unless you are very high leccy users and in during the day, I'd suggest annual savings/earnings of about £400 with a 32yr payback (ignoring inflation and lost interest). That's 20yrs at approx £400, then 12yrs (no FiT) at approx £120-200.
    Mart. Cardiff. 5.58 kWp PV systems (3.58 ESE & 2.0 WNW)

    For general PV advice please see the PV FAQ thread on the Green & Ethical Board.
  • M0neyM0ney Forumite
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    In March I was £5299 (inc £300 surcharge for the finance) all in for 16 panels 4.48kWp and all the necessary stuff to go with it. Your quote sounds really expensive. To date I've generated around 3200kWh since mid-March in northern Scotland on a SSW facing roof.

    The finance deal I got was for no payment for the first 12 months, then £61.50/month over 10 years.
  • michaelsmichaels Forumite
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    3 years ago we paid 4850 for 16x 250 panels with built in micro-invertors, solar edge inverter, iBoost. I thought prices were supposed to have fallen since then?
    I think....
  • ZarchZarch Forumite
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    Just last month, 17 x 300w panels, 17 x SolarEdge optismers across 4 different roofs (including flat roof mountings) for just over £6000.

    I think you need to cancel immediately and find a couple of independent installers in your area. If you're anywhere around Yorkshire/Midlands I can recommend CTS Renewables at Mansfield. If not, post up where you are located and i'm sure someone could recommend someone local to you.
    17 x 300W panels (5.1kWh) on a 3.68kWh SolarEdge system in Sunny Sheffield.
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  • Thanks for the replies all.

    To answer the question, I'm in Bristol.
  • I told them I wanted to cancel (politely).

    They came back with:

    I have discussed this with my senior manager. We are keen to get a reference installation in your area.

    Therefore, I can extend a special, one off offer for the system. Subject to you accepting by tomorrow, the 14th October and we will install and deliver the system as specified in my original proposal for £7,700 including VAT."
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