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Help me find an affordable place to buy a house

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  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    Within easy commute of Manchester as from there you can get most everywhere else. (Says she who used the train to get to Thirsk - OK I had to overnight at Inverness but that wasn't that big a deal)

    Manchester to Thirsk via Inverness is one hell of an off-route excess fare. :rotfl:
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  • Newport, South Wales, has some reasonable houses up at the £220k mark.

    Commutable to Cardiff and Bristol and the toll on the bridge will be removed just before Christmas this year.
  • homeless9 wrote: »
    Self employed, working at home running an online retail business, as well as doing freelance graphic design work. So I can live anywhere as I work from home. As long as I have internet connection and a Post office nearby - I am good to go.

    There are much cheaper and better ways to send parcels etc than the Post Office.
  • gingerdadgingerdad Forumite
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    how about Lancaster - 2 1/2 hours from London.

    lots of tech around the uni. small city easy access to the Lakes and Dales
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  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    davidmcn wrote: »
    Would also help to know what your definition of "middle of nowhere" is, as different people's perspectives vary.

    We moved from the edge of Dartmoor to Sherborne. Now that really is remote:rotfl:
  • gettingtheresometimegettingtheresometime Forumite
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    Newport, South Wales, has some reasonable houses up at the £220k mark.

    Commutable to Cardiff and Bristol and the toll on the bridge will be removed just before Christmas this year.

    There's some areas of Newport I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy...not to mention having to deal with the Bryn Glas Tunnels car park every day.

    That said prices in Chepstow are already rocketing as a result of the tolls being removed so I can see Newport prices going up as well
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  • Red-Squirrel_2Red-Squirrel_2
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    homeless9 wrote: »
    I am 30 and single..... I ideally need to be somewhere where I can meet other people in my age range, have beers.....

    Basically I ideally need to be near a number of small or medium towns or a city, and not in a small town/village.

    All these nearby would be ideal......Supermarkets, gyms, leisure centres, pubs/bars, cinemas, shopping centres......

    Where I live currently is one large town surrounded by many smaller towns, so there is everything you need all around you.....

    My recommendation...

    Get a nice 2 bed apartment close to a decent sized city centre (Manchester would be my pick but Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow all options too). Live there for a few years while you build up a social circle and being in the heart of things is a bonus.

    After a few years, when you either meet somebody and want to start a family or decide you want a garden to grow cabbages in or a garage to do up motorbikes or whatever, then sell your city centre flat and buy a house in a decent suburb of your chosen city. By then you should have friends who won't mind driving to socialise and stuff like good schools or air quality might matter more to you!
  • Crashy_TimeCrashy_Time Forumite
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    Most of the 220k stuff you are seeing now will almost certainly be cheaper after a few rate rises and Brexit, no need to sweat at all, take your time ;)
  • TowserTowser Forumite
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    I'm fascinated that you could plot two variables as diverse as house price and deprivation and come up with a curve.

    What would the "U" point of the curve mean?

    Perhaps it could represent any one of:
    - A place with average deprivation, where houses are a little less expensive than the national average
    - An affluent place where houses cost much more than the national average, but less than the average for similar areas
    - A run-down area where unloved houses are even cheaper than might be expected for similar areas.

    Would you be equally happy in each?

    So my answer is Wokingham.
  • SmodletSmodlet Forumite
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    Can you get anything for £220k in Wokingham? Went there once years ago. Well nice.
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