Can I ask for other employees to be offered VR?

I have just received an "at risk" notice with consultation coming soon.

I am the only one being made redundant in a small support department, but can understand that the role really isn't required.

I am in a team of 6, of which I am the highest paid, and could do most of the other jobs in the team (some of them with more training than others). We're all similarly qualified but with different specialisms.

I am debating suggesting offering voluntary redundancies to the other team members. There may be one or two who would be tempted. BUT........ I would like to keep my hours and salary.

Is this a pipe dream? Is it even feasible for me to suggest that as a solution?

Thanks :)
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  • The purpose of consultation is that you can suggest anything you like. So yes, suggest it. But I can see little benefit to the employer if you want to keep the same salary and hours, and are the highest paid person in the team.
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    I would look at the business reasons for why you are the only one on the list out of 6.

    If it is clear the pool of 1 is reasonable then you need to come up with a good business case why you are worth keeping over any of the others.

    If the pool of 1 looks a bit dubious then you can build the business case around some of that.

    An example might be the need for your speciality has reduced so that means just you in the pool

    But it is clear that holiday cover means you can do other jobs and others can do yours, so there is potential for someone else to go if you can build good business case on your value.

    IME when reductions are in place flexibility is a key criteria as fewer people have to cover more.

    You should have a decent idea of where you fit in the pecking order out of the 6 of you.

    IT could be that they want you out and there is nothing you can do about it.
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