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    Bought bread, milk and cheese for mum. Whist I was there I have put in the last few pieces (<50 out of 1000) of the jigsaw, put in the 3 remaining answers in mum's puzzle, filled up the kitchen cupboards from the store cupboard (the soupery), made food, done most of the lettering on one of the samplers, taken charge of paperwork, another shopping list (added to twice) and had a little sleep.

    Very tired so hoping for an early night. Today I am grateful for good simple food, okay weather and progress on sewing.
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    Hi all

    Organise. Start as you mean to go on. Know the contents of your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Plan your meals around them. Cook from scratch. Don't buy anything you can make unless cost /time taken dictates otherwise. If you are new to turtle challenges or still have full cupboards you could try living from the cupboards. Should be able to do this as still have plenty of stock in, need to empty 2 freezers outside. Hampered by lack of jam pans - I think DH has chucked them out :eek:, he swears not...

    Regular budget items should be set by 1st October. If you don't know how much you are spending on food or petrol, now is the time to find out. Question every purchase - need or want? Need to set budgets, for some reason have been disinclined to do this in the past..

    No Spend Days. Aim for 20 (high target) or 15 (low). Am aiming for 15 but hoping for more. NSD today 1/15.

    Improvise. Make do and mend with a creative twist. think of a substitute ingredient, how to make an old/broken piece of furniture last a little longer. Made a Girdlebuster pie for DH for his birthday. Needs coffee ice cream as an ingredient, very hard to find & also expensive. Added liquid Camp coffee essence to vanilla ice cream, blended & frozen - voted a very acceptable substitute. In fact they wouldn't have known if I hadn't told them. Also used some Irish whiskey which we had in place of Bourbon, which we didn't. Also worked well..

    Exercise Four times a week at least (20 minutes minimum but can be done 10 minutes at a time). Get outside in daylight as often as possible. Feeling dire today but did get out twice to finish the darned wall painting. I feel I must get out & do some outside jobs whilst it's dry.

    Christmas Have already made something for one person, bought more yarn to make another for best friend. Also have a few items bought already - we don't buy for many folk, but I do make hampers for immediate family so need to prep for that. It is DDs birthday though just after so I need to think about that too. Have identified a date I think we can do family Christmas do (always at our house). Need to be much batter planned in order to avoid....

    Finally Don't Be A Martyr For Christmas. See above!

    Will only be chippys normally with the odd takeaway planned for a celebration etc. No takeaways today.

    Extra Income or Extra time Will make an effort to try to sell more stuff, hopefully going up to Christmas sales will pick up.
    Also need to plan time more effectively, good call.

    Report in, daily if possible I'm here..

    Go Turtles!!
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    Goood mooorning and Hello to day two!

    Apple muncher love the list of things you're grateful for, should start that too.

    I need to promise myself to go to the gym today and stick better to my plan of healthy eating. Compensated for not smoking with ice-cream last night :(. And got a bit stroppy in general as unfortunately I relied on those unhealthy rewards (I know sounds crazy) to get me through the daily drag of chores at night, whiney kids etc. But I hope once the first hardest days are over that will ease.

    Read sth interesting the other day. You know how we sometimes keep breaking promises to ourselves again and again. But if someone else would do that to us would we still be friends with them? No.

    How is everyone else doing so far?

    Won't have an SFD today as I need to go to the post office to post my mum's birthday present. Will combine with a small top up shop of things I noted down over the last few days.

    See you later
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    Exercise 5/22
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    Forgot to post last night, but wasn't a NSD. £250 vet bill, not covered under the insurance :mad: took the money from my EF. The big bills have all gone out - mortgage, council tax, chiropractor, horse share, now just the smaller ones to keep track of. All savings pots topped up as well. Only managed a small bit of exercise, went for a 12k horse ride on Sunday and was definitely feeling it yesterday! So just stuck to 20 minutes with weights/kettlebells. Today should be a NSD, still working from home, very bored due to lack of work and very isolated. Still, not long until I leave hopefully.
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    Hello lovely people,

    Challenge- try & tone down my use of social media. Didn't do too badly. I am going to come off it but I am getting something via a company on there so I need to do that first.

    Organise- well I got home to my big freezer having defrosted. so that was a good excuse to organise. ha. It actually wasn't too much of a disaster as I mainly had reduced bread in there , luckily all my meat was in my main fridge freezer. Also did list and a budget for my next shop.
    Regular Budget- I still have £228 spends, I am planning on spending £28 or less when I next go to Aldi and I also want to buy something for xmas that I think will be about £40 pounds. This will leave me £150 in the bank for the next 3 week so £50 a week. This is doable for groceries, I think every thing else extra I have put to one side.
    NSD's - today is Number 2.
    Improvise- nothing as of yet has come up, but no doubt it will.
    Xmas- I have ordered us some personalised Tshirts from a lady on line saying "Daddy Elf, Mummy Elf, Little elf, Baby elf and Uncle Scrooge :rotfl: (as we have my brother for xmas) last year I was eyeing up some matching Pjs for us all but it was going to be about £100 for all 5:eek: so I am fairly chuffed with these and they have our name on. not particularly money saving but they will go in my kids xmas eve hampers which they get every year.
    Banned- I have brought my own lunch today.
    Extra Income- still need to sell my stuff. Just no time til hub gets back.
    Report- helllooo.

    So much to be grateful for - my son poking his head round the door while I was singing to the baby, resulting in a group rendition of "you are my sunshine", for my hub being back on Monday and for my brother, we have a fairly complicated family but we have made out own little sub unit and I think I would feel fairly lost without that sometimes. :A
  • Good morning all

    Challenge - Avoid alcohol - 1 Alcolohol Free Day down - First for months:T

    Organise - Use food cupboard and freezer contents, chutneys and jams - Mango chutney made

    Regular Budget - £80/wk - £11 food shopping

    No Spend Days - Aim 15

    Improvise - Scratch meals

    Exercise - Two runs per week plus one gym - have lurgy so nothing on the 1st:(

    Banned - Takeaways and meals out :eek:

    Extra Income - EBay - Identified items to list today:A

    Christmas - Must make list ;)

    :Report - New to MSE so glad to be party of Thriftylass October challenge:j:j:j
    Debt due Oct 18 £26,669 :eek:

    Plan Debt Free Date June 20 :D

    Every £ saved is a £ closer to freedom :j
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    Autumn - went scrumping, but the trees had been decimated, if I were 8 feet tall I would have been fine, so it is definitely people. DH said he was chilly so i threw a fluffy blanket at him and lit the ys candles. Toasty! Heating still off.

    No Spend Days. Today is NSD1
    Improvise. Make do and mend. - made sausage & chips for tea, decided it was too boring, so made a naked coleslaw, a green salad, and a kale and mushroom and thyme creation. Loads more veg - lots left for my lunch and it is tasty and healthy.
    Christmas - £50 in vouchers in the kitty. Entering competitions to win them stuff.
    Exercise Four times a week at least (20 minutes minimum) - not yet

    Budget - All bills out and mortgage overpaid. All lunchboxes sorted for the week. All meals planned.
    Income - will try and sell stuff.
    Gosober/ Stoptober/gobstopper - masses of veg both raw and cooked. DH is doing INKtober - he is going to paint something every day.

    Stop making excuses; just do it. Bought a new loo seat (£10) one more thing off the list.
    Half Term - free museum - cinema - erm....
    Report in daily for confession- Here miss!
    Organise. Bought 2 x 18 packs loo roll. Oh the glamour!
    Undesireables- a meal out for DS1 birthday and 1x coffee shops with in-laws.
    Debt: No debt and mortgage down to sub £102k

    A Martyr is for life, not just for Xmas
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    E/F £20k!!! but I still need a new roof and an extension and the loft boarding out.
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    Is your acronym in relation to the in-laws, foxholes?!? :eek: :D x
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    Hi everyone.

    Not much going on here. All budgets looking good but it's early days yet. My temporary job has been extended till the middle of November so whilst it is slow going it is easy money.
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    A challenge for you - anything you could change to the positive or give up for October? My plan is to re-start bodycoach during Oct, before then I plan on cutting down to one sweet treat/ day maximum :o:o - Very veggie based lunch (c 300cal)

    Organise. . Cupboards/ fridge/ freezer all tidied this past week and are looking rather empty and I'm also taking the opportunity to use up those things which have been lurking in the freezer/ cupboard and are now exposed! Used up veggies for lunch.

    Regular budget CCs all paid off in full (one is in credit!) Money gone to savings ac and ISA.Running totals Spends: Groceries £1. Clothing £35

    No Spend Days. One today so far and see nom reason why that will change!

    Improvise. -

    Exercise Four times a week at least Small amount of gardening today. Nothing structured as yet - may try to fit in a walk

    Christmas Will plan this out this month

    Banned Takeaways, coffee shops, chippys, pie shops, vending machines, sandwich bars etc. - have social budget. Will include a meal out for OH's bday.

    Extra Income £10 cash received today from DS3's clothes listed on fb00k. £13.29 cashed out in Tesc0 voucher from tcb:T. Running total £28.78

    Report in, here :)

    Thankful for -DS2 wanting to volunteer at an evening event at school tonight (a pain for me, but am glad he is proud of his school), a quick and yummy lunch using things up, faceb00k selling pages :D
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
    Repaid mtge early (orig 11/25) 01/09 £124616 01/11 £89873 01/13 £52546 01/15 £12133 07/15 £NIL
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