The Claims Guys and Barclaycard

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Bit of an interesting one (maybe)!

My brother has recently started a process with The Claims Guys and has been told he had PPI on 2 credit cards he had in the past with Barclaycard (a student card which got turned into a regular card). He has completed the stuff and sent it back. His concern is that at present he has a Barclaycard which he took out at a later date (i.e. there was a period of a few years where he didn't have one) due to a low interest rate. He has an outstanding balance on it, although he is making above minimum payments.

His concern is that if he reclaims, can Barclaycard set off the claim against his new card balance, even though it was taken out at a separate time. My reading of the previous precedents on this is no, but I would be interested on your views. He is worried that if they did, what would happen about his payment to The Claims Guys (a not inconsiderable sum - I think 30%)?


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    Yes Barclaycard can offset against the same debt, but if he is making payments and not in arrears then they wont.
  • Hi Taff - that was what I thought. No arrears, just plodding along with minimum payments (although we have had words about that too! Family, eh?!)
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    Do note that using a claims firm will mean they will bill him on their cut regardless of whether he gets the money. He should logically use any refund (if they accept the complaint of course) to clear the debt
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