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PCN Met broken ANPR camera?

Met Parking Fine.

I visited the car park in question to go to Halfords. I was there 20 minutes (there is a 90 restriction). I left and drove my car to the leisure centre in town an went swimming with my girls. Returned an hour and a half later to get drinks from the McDonalds Drive through in the same car park as Halfords. Didn't park...used the drive through and left.

An ANPR camera caught my earlier visit and my later exit and I have been charged £60 for overstate. I initially appealed to MET which has been turned down so now I've appealed with Popla. I have no receipt for swimming as I declined one (who gets a refund for swimming or needs proof of purchase?).

Is there anything else I should do? McDonald's have been less than helpful and keep patronisingly telling me how a car park works.

Absence of proof is not admission of proof right? How come it didn't snap me leaving the first time or entering the second time?




  • I mean absence of proof is not admission of guilt.. apologies...angry texting
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    Complain to Halfords, they have been known to be more helpful, especially if people make a complaint on social media.

    We assume you appealed in your own words and have blabbed about being the driver, so it's too late to show you how we would have said you should have appealed.

    Luckily if you lose at POPLA you can just ignore MET.

    Next time come here sooner!
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