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Virgin Media to hit customers with 4.5% price hike - MSE News

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    NoNoDrama wrote: »
    So I entered new 12 month contract in August, it was a retention offer.

    I get a letter today saying will be going up by £4 a month in November.

    However at the bottom of the letter it says:-

    "If you're on a promotional offer we will honour it. Some of your increase may therefore happen at the end of your promotional offer".

    So unsure if the price increase will kick in at the start of November or not?!

    "Only those who signed up to Virgin Media after 1 August 2018 won't see their prices increase."

    Probably still worth a call or chat but their CS agents couldn't generally find their backsides with both hands so don't be surprised if they can't tell.
  • JasperAlexJasperAlex Forumite
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    Called up retentions and had an automated message to delay the price rise for 6 months. Spoke to a guy from retentions who offered to delay the price rise until July when my loyalty discount expires. At first when I asked for him to extend it he said no, but it didn't take much for him to offer it back to me. Whole thing took less than 10 mins. My contract ends in December anyway so think I'll wait until BT or some other provider offer something special to come back to them and renegotiate.
  • Received an email on 10th Sep 2018 indicating my bill was going to rise by £2pm. I originally joined Virgin in Oct 2017, when they were doing broadband and phone for £29pm and then £40pm after the 12 months are up.

    Called the 150 number to go through disconnections and was offered a 6 month delay to the price rise as a previous poster has mentioned. Did not accept that so spoke to a salesperson.

    They initially offered a £50 credit to my account and claimed I would be better off staying. However, when I did the sums, that was not the case because next month my bill would not just be going from £29pm to £31pm, it would actually be going to £42pm because the £11pm monthly credit expires!

    So I concluded I am better off telling them I want to leave and waiting to see if they will better their offer, otherwise leave and rejoin where I can get the same package for £27pm as a new customer.

    So what was the justification for the price rise again? Lol
  • Asked Virgin-media for a discount, foreign call centre guys said I could have have a £3 discount, but the new monthly total worked out to it being just £2 less. When queried he tried to suggest I misheard.

    So I asked to speak to the cancellations team and they offered £4 off for the next 6 months on a new 12 month contract. I need to contact them again to haggle for a new discount in May. I guess this is standard practise for broadband providers?
  • JohnGJohnG Forumite
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    Just received our latest bill to find the £4 increase. I see we did have notification some time back but didn't do anything about it at the time.
    Like many Virgin customers, it seems these increases happen on an all too frequent basis and I have, more often than not, called them to try and reduce payments somehow each time but frankly, it always feels like some kind of tiresome game with only those who make a song and dance and haggle getting a fairer deal - it just drives me mad. :mad:
    Is it worth the hassle I ask myself? :(
  • latecomerlatecomer Forumite
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    They all do it these days - contract goes up once a year by some measure of inflation. You are too late to try and cancel due to the increase but you can of course vote with your feet when your contract expires
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