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OH has been made redundant.
She was bread winner coming home with £1500 a month.
I work full time earning £900.
I am trying to reduce our outgoings as much as possible, so we rely little in her redundancy lump sum.
We regularly haggle with sky.
Currently got talk, broadband and tv for £60.44 a month.
Can it be reduced further, or have we squeezed it enough?
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    If you're out of contract then cancel the TV and move to a cheaper BB supplier, you can get fibre for £20 a month or ADSL for £15 at the moment.
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    I would question if a monthly pay TV service is top priority at all at the moment. If you're not in contract look at moving phone / broadband elsewhere (we're currently paying £20 a month with NowBB - which are actually a Sky company).

    You can pay for monthly rolling TV packages with NowTV too, there's usually offers and they're separated into Sports, Cinema and Entertainment. There's no long term commitment. We cancelled Sky after 15+ years, we paid for a NowTV sports season ticket but apart from that haven't missed any of the other Sky channels we paid for particularly.
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