Leasehold flat TV aerial/satellite dead - HELP

Hi all,

I have recently bought a leasehold, ground floor flat, and realised that the wall wiring (which is the aerial/satellite signal ports) aren't working. I had a TV aerial engineer come out to test the wires and they're all not working and are dead. I reported this to the management company of the block of flats and they said the following:

"He can’t install his own dish, this is prohibited at site. If he proceeds the dish will be removed unfortunately.
I appreciate his frustrations, but there is nothing wrong with the communal system otherwise we would be receiving complaints from all residents. It appears that there is a fault with the connection in his flat to the communal dish, which as this exclusively serves his demise is his own responsibility under the terms of the lease. He will require the existing feed in his apartment to be repaired/replaced which he will need an aerial engineer for. Please advise him of this."

Surely this is classed as a communal issue? The wiring from my walls leads underground, through communal areas and then into their satellite/aerial dish. I don't understand how they can expect me to pay for this.

I am paying £600 per year as a maintenance charge too,

Can people please give me any advice and opinions on this matter?

PS. I bought the flat as a repossessed property, so it was sold as seen (not sure if this is relevant).



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