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October 2018 Grocery Challenge

edited 18 September 2018 at 10:32AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Merlin's_BeardMerlin's_Beard Forumite
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    £100 for me again this month. I really want to come in under, I've promised myself that when my rollover fund hits £30 I can spoil myself with a craft gin box!
  • purpleybatpurpleybat Forumite
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    hello all

    ive been on the missing for a couple of months for various reasons but would like to return.
    am cooking mostly for 3 adults this month and my sister scoffs endless fruit and nuts so can I be put down for £250 please.
    this is for everything apart from booze.
  • flubberyzingflubberyzing Forumite
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    Can I be put down for £70 for the calendar month please!

    I'll still be on the September thread until the 2nd October, as I'm stretching out my September budget just a tad. But then I'll be over here!
    Because it's fun to have money!
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  • Payday for me today so I have allocated my £125 into my budget. I have upped a lot of savings this month for my house purchase so I am very worried I am stretching myself too thin. Happy to have all the support from this forum.

    Looking forward to another Grocery Challenge success this month!
    Trying to make my way on my MSE adventure.. Debt free since June 2018:j

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    November GC £101.14/£135 :: another month under budget! :: another m
    Emergency Fund £104.77/£1000:(
  • NeverendingDMPNeverendingDMP Forumite
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    Officially pay day is 26th but seen as I'm trying for 100 a week on average here goes.
    Spend yesterday £51.27. and the next delivery booked for weekend....should not need to enter a shop for anything other than junk before then. Off to check my price guarantee to see if I've got anything back. Boo hiss that this will be disappearing soon. Ha. Ha.
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  • Hi Please, can you put me down for $250.
    Last month was my first month GC since moving to the USA (I've been here 2 years... tut!) and I made a wild guess that was totally off. We spent $275. I will get that down to $250 by keeping out of the more expensive supermarkets and shopping at A!ldi.
  • A bit of a blip already! We resorted to a kebab last night. DH, still sore from stomach surgery, and I, with a twisted and swollen ankle, felt a tad sorry for ourselves and ordered it in. It won’t dent my budget too much, as our previous food spend of £100 a week did not include the kebab we’d have each Tuesday night. :eek:

    What did surprise me was how little I enjoyed it, after five or so weeks abstinence, I was expecting to savour every morsel. I think the freshly made, home cooked meals even my lack of culinary skills can produce are far more tasty and soul satisfying. And that is due almost entirely to the fabulous collection of recipes and tips at the top of the thread.

    My ankle is less sore this morning, so hopefully I’ll get around to cooking chicken and chorizo gumbo I’d planned for yesterday!

    Just dawned on me, that this post might not be appropriate for this thread, if so, feel free to remove it!

    OCTOBER £280 spent £341.10
    NOVEMBER 2018 £350 (5 week month) spent £344.93.
  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Hi everyone, Not been on the forums for quite a time but need to cut time on spending money. So I thought I would start with the grocery challenge as I know I spend far too much on food and stuff, you can tell by the full to bursting freezer and tin cupboard! so I will do an inventory and come up with some meals, oh and I will allow £25 a week for the next four weeks starting today (as I got paid today), that includes all meals and toiletries, there is only me here!
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  • Hopeless_CaseHopeless_Case Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread :) - can you put me down for £200 please, a bit of a reduction as I'm taking it gradually!

    My month starts on 28th
  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Well its my day 1 of week 1, and I've not spent anything as I haven't been out!!
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    Emergency fund 70/1000 - very slowly increasing!
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