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  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to update you. I emailed the CEO of HSBC directly. I got a response very quickly that they would look in to it. I based my letter on post #8 above, just doctored it to suit my situation.

    Anyway three weeks later I got a letter through stating that despite HSBC not breaking any rules and working to the current requirements they would backdate it to 6 months after the start of the DMP!

    I have actually checked, and they have defaulted it to Nov 2012, when I first started the DMP, so this will disappear in a couple of months, instead of 24 months time!

    What a result.

    thanks to everyone on this who has helped me.

    LBM 12.09.12 - £53K in debt.
    DFD - 11.07.2019 (OMG).
    New DFD is 28.10.2018 due to paying the absolute maximum.

    Thanks to everyone on the DMP forum, and to SC for helping me out of this huge hole.
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