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Hi, I have a Barclaycard cashback VISA card and have been using it for many years alongside my Amex Platinum and a couple of bank debit cards. Over the last year I've found myself using Google Pay on my Android phone more than cash, to the extent that I've actually stopped carrying my cards with me.

However, I'm still unable to setup my Barclaycard to work with Google Pay. According to articles I've read, this is because Barclaycard don't allow it and insist that contactless payments using Barclaycard will only work through their mobile app. Unfortunately, configuring this insists on making my Barclaycard the default contactless card and I don't want to do this as I prefer my current account debit card to be the default.

I just want to double check that Barclaycard can't be used with Google Pay and I'm not missing something. I have already sent a secure message and had a conversation with Barclaycard customer service but they didn't have a clue what I was talking about!!!! Maybe they don't have Google Pay or the concept of contactless payments in India :)

If Barclaycard isn't compatible with Google Pay how do we make Barclaycard sit up and listen to its customers and give customers the choice; use Google Pay or use their own App.


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