Sold My Motorbike Privately & Buyer Wants Full Refund

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I’ve recently sold my motorbike privately last weekend. The buyer has tried to contact me to inform me he wants a full refund on the motorbike as he is deeming it as unroadworthy.
The advert I feel was advertised correctly stating it is in ‘good road conditions’ ‘low mileage(under 1000)’ ‘one previous owner’. The buyer has had the vehicle for almost a week and is asking to return it and refund it as he says he cannot lock the bike and has had some problems.
On the day of the sale he spent 1hour 30mins inspecting the vehicle with his brother, taking parts apart and finding additional add on’s stated in the advert to ‘make sure’ what was stated was true. He claims this damage will cost £1500 to repair parts but not labour which he would like me to pay also.
The additionally went through the HPV or HPI website to make sure that all the parts of the motorbike matched up which was correct and completed a receipt saying he was happy with the conditions of the vehicle. It was under finance which was paid off & cleared with him receiving an immediate email confirmation prior to leaving with the vehicle.
He has stated if I do not comply or come to his agreement he will take this matter further.



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