Toluna being an a hole?

Anyone having issue s with toluna just did about 5 surveys completed allll of them and all came up with my profile doesn't match

On top of that swagbucks is disqualifying me from everything

Global test market broken man I need my bonus money


  • Try branded surveys.

    Toluna have been like that for ages

    Swagbucks takes so much effort for little I found.

    Globaltest seems to be fixed now, I know it was having problems the other day

    Or theres always Valued.
  • Toluna is a nightmare. Your points expire if you don't use them (they don't make that clear!). You can't actually purchase some of the offered rewards. And I've been chasing a £20 Amazon voucher for nearly 6 months. Bleurgh.
  • Toluna through swagbucks is VERY iffy. Even if the survey takes 5 minutes without rushing, I would never press 'submit' before 20 minutes have passed because they never pay - there seems to be some kind of weird unfair timer on their surveys.
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