Third party insurance [Churchill + Privilege]


I was involved in a car incident where I was driving on the main road and a car pulled out from the side road and hit me. Both my doors are damaged (left) and back paintwork and bumper ripped off. This is something I have never experience - first time, shocked and shaken up :(

I reported to Churchill, my insurance company an hour after the incident. They said I would have a car hire for approx 2 months, then the following day, they said 7 to 14 days. Thankfully, the driver admitted fault and his insurance company (Privilege) contacted me to offer third-party insurance claim the following day.

When I called back up to Churchill insurance, the male said that "it is best to take my claim to Privilege because we are sister company". I have been very stressed, emotionally and distraught from this car incident as I am a carer for my family and work long hours, and transporting my family member to and from hospital weekly. This is the only family car we have.

I proceeded with Privilege based on Churchill advice and they said they will help to repair the vehicle but my friends and work colleagues say my vehicle is a potential write off based on the images and also the physical look of the damage. Privilege offered me a car hire, but the car company says I only have it for 7 days only now.

If the car is a write-off, I am not able to find a replacement family vehicle in 7 days.

Please can anyone help, greatly appreciate. I have never been through this.


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