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Hi all,

I am after a bit of car insurance advice. I recently left a 10 year career in the nhs and have decided to have a bit of time doing part time casual work to tide me over until I make a decision as to what to do next..I have a seasonal job starting next week in the outdoor industry, this will end in October (2-3 days per week) Its likely that I will do some cafe/hospitality work after that but I'm not entirely sure at the moment.

It has been mentioned to me recently that I need to change my job details on my car insurance or it could be considered invalid.

Seeing as I will be working short term casual jobs I was wondering if you had any advice as to what to do with the job title, it seems crazy to phone the insurance company to change my job details for a 3 month job and then change it again?? I'm with admiral btw.

Thanks in advance!


  • I expect the proper answer is to notify them each time of job change however that will incur an admin charge and probably an excuse for the insurer to 'price-hike' each time. If you need business cover e.g. driving to/from sites on business then you have no option but to inform them as they will be covering that risk. If not and your use is Social, domestic and pleasure only then I doubt you are expected to micro-manage your life through your car insurer but who knows these days!
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    Be honest about your job title at renewal.
    Unless it is a material change (e.g. going from working in an office to being a racing car driver) then I wouldn't bother telling them mid-policy.
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