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MSE News: BT to charge some £7.50/mth for email - here's how to beat the hikes - Page 2

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MSE News: BT to charge some £7.50/mth for email - here's how to beat the hikes

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  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Rich2808 wrote: »
    . But they do at least give you the option - when you leave Virgin media they delete your account after 90 days and the post office remove it immediately. Sky allow you to keep your Sky email account for life for free.

    Does anyone know what Talktalk/AOL do or charge ?
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    EzorqsEzorqs Forumite
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    There is no one saying that you have to remain with that company, there's always an option to quit. Like for example, the Fiat workers after their boss with his own money signed up Ronaldo for a football club he owns... they went on strike because of it rather than find a job with better conditions.

    It can be a nuisance to set up a new email address but not enough of a nuisance to pay £7.50 a month. Those people have more money than sense. Of course, I can see why BT want to get rid of them or take their bank account for a ride.

    Blackmail is forcing someone to do something or reveal something about them. Why on earth people are still with BT I have no idea.


    I've noticed some people complaining that there are so many people that have their email address that they just could not possibly track them down.

    If you've gone for so long without contact with them that you do not have an alternative means of contact then there's no real loss. If it was that important, you would take note of it and inform them.

    Providing Email service is not a cost free assessment. Servers have to be paid for, bandwidth, hard-drives, specialist technicians, software developers, network engineers. It is highly likely that in a large organization only a small portion of these resources are consumed however with the organization the size of BT we're still talking hundreds of thousands of pounds per year especially given the numbers involved.

    Most "free" providers cover their costs through advertising.
  • littleboolittleboo Forumite
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    robin58 wrote: »
    What will BT charge for next? The around thier cables?

    BT still thinks it owns the telecommunications network. It's doesn't.

    What you talking about, not that it’s in any way related to charging for email, but it owns the biggest network in the UK and one of the largest global networks.
  • darren72darren72 Forumite
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    Robin9 wrote: »
    Does anyone know what Talktalk/AOL do or charge ?

    You can currently keep your e-mail address. I still have mine from about 20 years ago that is mainly used as a spam trap.
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