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NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all

    Will try for 13 NSDs & hope to get nearer to 7/13

    Set your budgets not yet done
    Use Most definitely want to do this; have a mountain of food & stuff to clear. Took some stuff to CS and will sort more tonight ready for listing tomorrow. No listing done today...too much other stuff tbh. Did some sorting. Had a disturbed night & a long list; so I decided that I wouldn't beat myself up over not listing, but do it tomorrow.

    Revisit Targets were like other peoples I think, to lose weight (not really); to declutter - some progress; to stop wasting money - also some progress there..will list any weight losses/stuff leaving the house/money gained by selling...when it happens.. Still £44.26 so £5 voucher for doing a survey; £49.26 Another £3 voucher today: still £52.26. Have more to add, just need to total up. Still £134.12, less postage.

    Vacation Have already booked to go to Ireland for 3 weeks from July; aim to sell some stuff to pay for spends over there. Will also be planning some days out & at least another visit to the Old Country later in the year, probably 2. Have found more stuff especially shoes to go. Must ramp this up as go away 3 weeks today...clock is ticking..have found many items to take with us and many to sell..started selling & will group items to take together, have made a list. Bought a shower head to try here first, if it's ok will get a couple to take with us to kinda update the showers over there. Also had an idea to use suction bags to pack so can take more with us when we go; also can use the bags to store things in over there so they don't get damp. Did some stuff off list which includes booking MOTs for both cars. Dh has mananged to reawaken the oldest car - so fingers crossed for both vehicles.

    Value Always do try to use cashback sites where possible, and find value for money in shopping. Also have a card which gives me vouchers; and do some work which pays in vouchers too. Use cheaper supermarkets & have HB & Fultons here as well, which are both good for some stuff. Picked a load of raspberries from the garden this afternoon; then DD brought round some ones she got YS for 50p a punnet; I see some jam in my near future...if I can bear to go in the kitchen that is. No jam making but did make healthy cake (!) - similar to a teabread with no sugar used. Tastes OK to me; DH reserving judgement, which is a shame as it made a massive cake..

    Every Checking in 12/31

    Gratitudes: Phone call from elderly friend who had a very serious procedure last week & I hadn't heard from...she is OK, thank goodness; signs of life on a plant that looks like a collection of dead sticks; for migraine medication so I don't suffer like my mother did.

    Jump No jumping here either but in the garden every day when possible. Do try to drink water but struggle with this. Out early to water plants in greenhouse; then a bit later for rest as promised rain still not here...

    Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. Hmmmm…

    Perhaps keep track on here of items/ lbs lost and £s made:
    So far have put on a pound in weight & made £134.12 - more to come. Lost the pound I put on last more sales as yet, not surprising as done no listings..

    Yearly we are halfway through 2018. Good idea, will have a big list of outside jobs that need doing/big/small & in between. Making big list this weekend; also one of items to take to Ireland with us; menu planning; will be a very listy weekend. Did a bit of the Irish list. No listing, too chaotic today. And today too busy as stint in CS. Made list from yesterday & today, did manage to crack a few items off

    Go turtles!
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    The kids have got their sports day today so a shorter journey this morning to the athletics club where they hold it, have to pick them up at lunchtime though so a short day for me to get things done.

    After lunch I am going to pop to a big Asda and get DS some school shirts for next year and a birthday present to put away for DD's birthday in December, will also call into the uniform shop to get a new blazer for DD for next year.

    All the above spends are budgeted for obviously.

    It's drizzly here this morning and cool, I know we need some rain but it just never knows when to stop when it starts.
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  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    Last day of school here today.
    One set breaks at 12pm one set breaks at 3pm

    I have not bought teacher gifts. Sorry teachers, I give at Christmas, but not at the end of term. The bags and bags and boxes going in each classroom door actually made me feel uncomfortable, as it is accepted that this is the normal way of things now. I asked one of the teachers at Christmas if they all sat and played swapsies in the staff room andif they gave anything to the office staff, the teacher looked horrified and said absolutely not, if it had a name on it it went home with that teacher, they did not even share with the teaching assistants!!

    So at Christmas I give each adult class member a gift, but not at the end of term.

    I will not miss the school run. I will miss the 5 minutes of adult conversation a day on the playground.

    I am trying not to dwell on the Ireland trip, I am looking forward to 1st August when I am back at home.

    Today is house tidying and laundry and a bit of food shopping.

    Have a great day turtles still on NSD5 and still well within budget
    MFW#65 7/20 £91,490.26
    E/F £14,000
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  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    I've never really understood this whole teacher gift thing (again sorry teachers). It never happened when my son was at school (admittedly some years ago now) and it seems to have got totally out of hand. A lady if worked with gave presents (and they weren't cheap!) at Christmas and end of term to the teacher, teaching assistants, head teacher, deputy head and lollypop man. There may even have been others. Is it really necessary? Surely if you want the child to say thank you they can make a card.
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  • thriftylassthriftylass Forumite
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    Not an SFD today as I'll pick up an Asda tonight. Had to stock up on some cupboard staples, spices, almond milk (although I'll try my own hemp milk tonight, bought unhulled seeds for some reason one day but they're inedible) and the usual.

    teachers gift. We don't do that at all. All they get is a nice card made by DS at Christmas. What would they do with 20-30 gifts twice a year??? Just seems odd to me (playing my non native card here ;) )

    DS will need new school uniform trousers and shirts but I think I hold off till August as he's eating like a horse just now i.e. must be growing. Was a bit chilly last night and both children wanted to wear their onesies from last winter. Erm, might need new ones soon ;). DD has grown an inch just since her birthday at the end of March.
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  • DawnWDawnW Forumite
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    teachers gift. We don't do that at all. All they get is a nice card made by DS at Christmas. What would they do with 20-30 gifts twice a year??? Just seems odd to me (playing my non native card here ;) )
    It is quite a recent thing Thrifty, probably another marketing thing / import from the US :( It wasn't heard of when my children went to school.

  • GlendaSugarbeanGlendaSugarbean Forumite
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    I don't do teacher gifts either. I will ask the boys if they want to make cards, and I might pick up something nice for the office as they get all the hassle!
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    dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    edited 13 July 2018 at 4:32PM
    I don't give teacher gifts either, it is a job for which they are paid.

    I read something this week that said 1 in 12 of all working women in this country is employed in a school - I can believe it. The primary school my children went to employs over 45 staff and that doesn't include lunch time staff, they had to divulge their wages bill on a newsletter once and it was over £1 million per year for just that one school and that was when they had less staff, we have 6 primary schools within a stones throw of each other - how does this country afford this?

    After wall to wall sunshine it rained pretty heavily all the way through the sports day and is now sunny again - typical.
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  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    Thank you all for your good wishes. You are such nice people.
    Today was NSD No 7.
    I've been fairly good eating and drinking wise. I've had a good talk to Himself. He's a lovey, kind man but I have had to really stress that my weight problem is affecting my health. I know that to look at me I don't look massive but I have to accept that I am now in the obese category and I have to do seriously do something about it. I think that is a bit of the problem. I just look a little tubby - no rolls of fat. We think we eat fairly healthily and we do but all the little treats are adding up and stop me losing pounds. I have asked him not to buy my the odd bar of chocolate, bottle of wine, etc. and to please support and encourage me in this. First thing is cutting out sugar and fat and see where we get to. Perhaps little steps is the way to go. Have to say yesterday gave me a bit of a wake up call.
    So, haven't much more to report that.
    Hope you are all well and have a good weekend. xx
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
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    NSD 9/20 Was an NSD today.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Still trying to using up things already in.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Made a list of goals and bucket list.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences. Done 2 days out already.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Will look into other ways to save for days out etc.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    Being the start of the weekend this evening.
    Achieving quite a bit in work.
    Doing the clothes washing when I got home from work.
    Doing self-care today.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Walked to bus stop from work and some walking around the school doing errands.
    Unless - No need today.
    Lose - Done decluttering for now. Still need to take items to cs.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year.
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