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  • NSD planned for today. Made some soup to use up veggies and have meal planned for the next 4 days using things from fridge freezer and cupboards.
    Did a top up shop in Aldi yesterday - milk, bread and fruit and spent £14.

    Have made a plan to put any savings from budgets into EF and house fund.

    Last night we made sure all 8 instant savings accounts had the right amount of money in to cover : car tax, insurance, mot and service, birthdays and xmas etc. Up until now we had been transferring money manually but now we have written everything down in a budgets and savings book we will set up standing orders for everything.
    In attempt to save money I am now aiming to do all clothes washing at 30 degrees and make sure everything is hung out (yep abt a week ago I used the dryer as was knackered!).

    Managed to find a hair dye from home bargins for £1. Will be using this on my roots in between mobile hair dresser thst comes 8 weekly.

    Not feeling too great today but will try tackle the ironing.

    Feeling very inspired reading through your posts.

    Hope you are all ok xxx
    I am now debt free:T - 20/03/18. Whatever your situation - just.keep.going!
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE][STRIKE][/STRIKE]EF £1000/£1000 goal
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE][STRIKE][/STRIKE]CHILDCARE Savings goal £600/£600
    EF 3 month goal £2,000/£3,500
    HOUSE DEPOSIT £0/£20,000
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    one spend day this weekend, grocery top up to fill our new fridge freezer. Little things like having a veg drawer now and shelves in the door (both were broken in our 38 yo freezer) make me rather happy. Also the new freezer's drawers are a different size so my tupper ware fits better. :D:D

    As husband is still rubbish with money (oh, is it car tax time :eek:, doh), I had to pay for that and the AA renewal. He just gets defensive if I "moan" about having to spend money on other things then which I now can't really afford (like family days out etc,) which I wouldn't have to do if he'd be more sensible and consider this our family finances. Yes, I'm better at saving, doesn't mean I'm this endless money trough. Also just found out that his scheme to pay off his overdraft with an interest free CC isn't going to well (guess he's just making minimum payments). :mad::mad::mad:

    Next big spend will be the ferry over to Netherlands for Christmas with my parents :eek:.

    This has been going on for way too long now :(. Need to muster the courage to bring it up without him retreating in his tortoise shell or me coming across as the one who wants to control our finances etc

    Anyway, finally cooler here and off to a run in a minute. HM lunch, snacks and definitely and SFD
    NST September
    NSD 6/20 NDD 7/22 spends £180/500
    Exercise 5/22
    CC Debt £1013 £700
    DFD 12/21 Mortgage 109343 (04/17) 92300 (11/19) 80779 (08/21)
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    No NSDs for me over the weekend but had a truly lovely one!

    Set - All budgets set.
    Use things up - I made some delicious food over the weekend using what we have in the house. It is tricky because we only get vegetables delivered weekly as part of a veg box. It is too hot to be baking, stewing and frying. I only want BBQ, but the best BBQ'd food is meat! I had a nightmare last night about the vegetables in my fridge going mouldy. Is that a symptom of my anxiety? Maybe.
    Revisit - My target at the beginning of the year was to OP by £7,000. We've not OP'd anything but I think we still could by the end of the year. I hope to. Once we are married (12 days...) we will have a good idea of what our finances will be.
    Vacation - Our honeymoon is being booked using all the cashbacks/discounts we can find!
    Value for money - I am a PRO at getting value for money. E.g. my mum asked me to buy a picture frame for the seating plan for the wedding. Found a 15% off voucher online! I use honey and also check myself. It's great.
    Every day - I am so grateful for all I have in my life.

    Jump - Was bored so did Yoga with Adriene's Yoga for a Dull Moment yesterday! Please with myself.
    Unless - so far so good.
    Lose the excess - This was an incredible reminder to bring in a toy I meant to sell on gumtree. The person buying it wanted to collect near my work, which was very convenient until I FORGOT TO BRING IT TO WORK. I have added a number of calendar reminders to make sure I remember tomorrow.
    Yearly plans - Get married, go on honeymoon, sort out life.
    Mortgage started at £318,000 in June 2016. Original MF - 2041 :eek:
    2nd Property Mortgage at £275,000. Mortgage free: 2049 :eek:
    Total OPs: £29529
  • Set!your budgets
    Food £14 / £150
    Diesel £0 / £135
    Tea & milk at work - £1.50/ £1.50
    Going out - £0/£40

    Use!things up - veggies for soup.

    Revisit!those targets you set back in January -
    Debts paid off by end of yr - achieved in April 2018
    EF savings - building back up.
    £400/ £1000
    House Fund saving - £1467 /£4500 by the end of December 2018

    Vacation time - cheap family days out ideas/deals?
    Wildlife trust walks - free
    Strawberry picking
    Local park
    Paddling pool and toys in the garden
    Feeding seeds to the ducks
    Seaside planned visit

    Inspire!others - share your ideas on here of things to do with kids/ how to keep holiday costs down? Things you've used up?
    Planning for big activities in advance so we can save. Currently starting a jar for Barmouth day out in August. Working out diesel, food fish and chips, icecream and coffee in a shop costs and putting in a daily amount. Kids will enjoy putting money into jar and teaching them abt savings. Jar will be decorated with photos from magazines related to beach and summer.
    Value!for money - waiting for money from topcashback to come through. Have just redeemed £9 from survey site and will look up winter family activities so we can plan for that later in the yr and set up a savinfs jar for it as above.

    Every!day - check in and also remember your daily gratitudes. Checking in twice now. Thankful for my lovely little family, for a garden to relax/play in and for sunshine.

    Jump - be active - fitbit helps me keep moving. Lots of walking and running around in the garden over the weekend.

    Unless!budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc.
    DH isn't too good at nsds so has just got himself chocolate and other bits from shop. I would usually get annoyed with him but decided less is more and focusing on keeping the bulk of spendong low as admittedly it is me that is usually more spend happy. Baby steps and all that.

    Lose!the excess - I have a few things to sell so will aim to put them on this week. Any money will go into EF. I have had a small holiday weight gain so aim to get that off this week.

    Yearly!plans - all on track. Need to check wrapping paper stock then will hunt for rolls in poundland/ home bargins if nedded.
    I am now debt free:T - 20/03/18. Whatever your situation - just.keep.going!
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE][STRIKE][/STRIKE]EF £1000/£1000 goal
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE][STRIKE][/STRIKE]CHILDCARE Savings goal £600/£600
    EF 3 month goal £2,000/£3,500
    HOUSE DEPOSIT £0/£20,000
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    NSD no 5.
    Up early and had a bit of a walk. Not quite as far as the last two days but at least it was some exercise and fresh air.
    Finished off the boy's ironing and did our washing. Now hanging out on the line drying. Made stock from yesterday's chicken and turned that into chicken and rice soup for the boy's lunches. Bedding changed and looking all fresh and clean.
    Feel as if I've accomplished quite a lot today compared to the last few weeks and I'm ready to start doing a proper clean and declutter.
    Sad news today that my neighbour's mother died early this morning. A very close family and they are totally devastated. What can you say at a time like this?
    So, I'm sitting in the sun and will make dinner shortly. Take care, eveyone.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    • NSDs - 2
    • Remember others - DD to charity gone out. Another item added to CS bag
    • Pay to your debts or savings FIRST - DONE - + £75 OP to BTL
    • Set budgets. Food 87.19/475. Fuel 0/65 Gifts 15/30 Toiletries 0/10 Cleaning 5.68/10 DD uni stuff 35.98/50 Clothes 0/100 Social 16.50/75
    • Use things up Still ongoing. Have cleared out a few items from cupboards for DD's uni stash :) Already used up teabags from OH's hotel stay and decanted coffee sachets into jar
    • Revisit targets you set back in January. - Done. [/COLOR]
    • Vacation time No idea whether we're going on hol in Oct (not booking until after A level results) and no real plans made for summer hols with the kids - must get thinking cap on!
    • Inspire others -
    • Value for money -Split shopping across 2 s/mkts today to get best prices where poss.
    • Every day - here :) Am STILL thankful for the weather, OH finally sorting the wmachine out :T and ice :)

    • Jump - None
    • Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. -yep.
    • Lose the excess. Too small 3/4 jeans of DD added to CS bag.
    • Yearly plans -we are halfway through 2018. If you haven't planned on how to finance Christmas/ birthdays in the second half of the year/ DIY things which need doing / any holiday plans you may have - NOW is the time - will make a list of people with bdays and those I need to get Xmas presents for and make a start, even if it is putting money aside.
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
    Repaid mtge early (orig 11/25) 01/09 £124616 01/11 £89873 01/13 £52546 01/15 £12133 07/15 £NIL
    Net sales 2021 £361.84/ £500 Decluttering 2021: 1050/1250
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    Toni'sfriend - sorry to hear about your neighbour's mum - and your cousin's son :( Glad to hear that Himself had a lovely birthday :)

    plumduff55 - hello and welcome :wave: - I shall add you to the list in post #2 :) Sorry to hear about your knee

    EarlyRetirement - another good carbooting result! :T

    indigowarrior - hope you are feeling better now x

    mothernerd - hope the bruises and aches are beginning to ease...

    crazy_cat_lady - welcome back :wave:

    Sashanut - good going on the faceb00k listings - hopefully the enquiries will translate into sales :)

    Tropically - I love your yearly plans! Simply put! :D

    dolly84 - DH's bite sounds nasty - fingers crossed that the antibiotics do their thing.....
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
    Repaid mtge early (orig 11/25) 01/09 £124616 01/11 £89873 01/13 £52546 01/15 £12133 07/15 £NIL
    Net sales 2021 £361.84/ £500 Decluttering 2021: 1050/1250
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    Hugs for those in need of them.
    NSD 6/20 Was a spend day. Had to pay someone £3 my share of a present she brought for someone in the office.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Still using up things already in.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Made a list of goals and bucket list.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Will look into other ways to save for days out etc.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    The weather being a bit cooler today.
    Done as much as I could in work.
    Doing self-care today.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Walked from school to bus stop and only a small bit of walking around the school doing errands.
    Unless - No need today.
    Lose - Done decluttering for now. Still need to take items to cs.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2021
    Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
    NST September 2021 NSD 11/20
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    Hi everyone,
    Busy day at work but lots of little positives. :D
    Got a nsd, and ate according to our meal plan at home. I've also started looking a bit more into my budget and figuring out where everything goes and what I'm doing with my money. Must not lose focus on this again.
    I'm grateful that the weather is quite a bit cooler today, although I wish my hay fever would sort itself out a bit.
    Only 9 more school get ups - have my lesson observation tomorrow and then the countdown to the holidays is on... can't wait.
    As for school holiday plans - I'm not sure how mse they are but here goes....
    We went to Alton Towers in May, and if you bought the day ticket then you got the whole season pass. I've arranged 2 more trips over the 6 weeks, and booked accommodation nearby via Airbnb - which is very reasonably priced. One 2 night stay for £96 for the 3 of us, and another 2 night stay for 5 of us for £249. Which is way cheaper than staying onsite, and in both cases we are getting a whole property with separate bedrooms and kitchen etc rather than just a room like you get at Alton towers. So we should be getting our money's worth out of the season passes. And if all goes well with Airbnb then I'm going to use it again for more short breaks.
    We also have 4 days away in a cottage in the Lake District, which I booked through Hoseasons. I converted £30 Mr T vouchers into a £90 voucher and I will be thoroughly relaxing and enjoying a private hot tub while the kids enjoy the beautiful grounds with swans and peacocks and maybe the hot tub if I feel generous. I really can't wait...
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    Hi everyone, NSD 7/20 and total month spending is £11.59/£50

    Another beautiful day here today. EVERDAY I get up and thank my lucky stars that I no longer have to go to work. I retired nearly 3 years ago but don't get my state pension for another 3 years, I fund my retirement with two small works pensions and my savings and there is absolutely nothing I could buy with my savings that would give me the joy of not having to work every day :T

    Today I USED up some mushrooms that were getting dark and grotty looking and had mushroom pasta and salad for dinner. For lunch I had cheese, coleslaw and tomato sandwiches. The coleslaw was given to me by my Mum who didn't want it - I'm never known to say no to a freebie :rotfl:

    JUMP - Today I went for a walk to the Country Park adjoining my village. I walked 2.4 miles at an average speed of 2.8 mph. This is the best I've done since I hurt my knee although I did stop for a rest 3 times. When I was training for the 5K I downloaded STRAVA on to my phone. It's free and it's brilliant. It tracks your walking/cycling and you can save your activities to compare how you're getting on.

    LOSE - I've listed 5 things on eBay and one thing has sold. I'm going to look for more to list tomorrow :)

    I'm going outside now to sit and read my book for an hour xx
    Debt free - Mortgage free - Work free ( in that order :) )
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