NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

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    Good morning all

    Yesterday was a spend day - took the kids strawberry picking. I love this activity as the kids love it, it's cheap & we come home with fruit :)

    I still have £106 in the budget. I'm hoping to still have £100 by Friday.:eek:

    Today we are swimming & not much else, I'll run later too. Tomorrow is baby group & then I'm going to take my kids for a walk. I have my friends back pack I can strap the baby in to & it makes it more of a work out.

    I have been teaching myself to knit & I've decided I'm going to knit the kids a snow man each for their Xmas eve hampers. I am making a real effort to have more "down time" I don't find it easy to leave the house work & I spend a lot of my day armed with a Hoover. I'm finding that it's easier to just do it once the kids are done at the end of the day & I'm a lot more relaxed as a result. :o

    I hope everyone has a fab Sunday :D
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    NSDs - 4

    Set budgets. Doing well. Will sweep at end of month rather than start of month.
    Use things up - 2 half tins of paint used up. Discovered unused paintbrushes!! I have designs on a large bag of porridge oats (flapjacks anyone?) for use in lunchboxes next week. Turned some squishy tomatoes into soup and froze for another day.
    Revisit targets - 2 x Ireland trips, no weight loss, house improving wildly, kids doing well at school.
    Vacation time - 1 night YHA locally, visiting Irish in laws, 2 weeks football training club, might try and squeeze in a YHA seaside trip
    Inspire others - I try but others seem to be on a different page.....
    Value for money - second hand tv, own labour, line drying everything, found a £5 double matttress (blow up) to take with us - reduced. Making crazy salads with what is in the fridge/pantry (broccoli and tinned broad bean, white cabbage and courgette in ys mango chilli dressing was lush)
    Every day report in - Here miss!
    Jump - erm, does shopping really quickly count?
    Unless - none of these thingse
    Lose excess. I dont get rid of my clothes as they are recycled into painting clothes when they are unfit for public consumption. Took old not working electrical items to recycling, Going to reevaluate furniture in back room dumping ground and rejig some shelves, so may be able to lose some stuff......
    Yearly plans - I am throwing every penny I save at the mortgage at the moment, but realise this is going to leave me short for birthdays and Xmas and car tax. Will have to reign it in a bit for after August - Dec.
    MFW#65 Aug 21 = £81,500.00 next target = £80k in December 2021 Daily interest £4.02 next target = sub £4
    E/F £19,000 but I still need a new roof and an extension and the loft boarding out.
    NSTurtle # 2 🐢 🐢 No Turtle gets left behind.
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    Hi everyone, I'm so excited to have found this thread and hope it's ok for me to join even if I am 8 days late. I started a NO SPEND month myself and so far have achieved 5 days so I'll make my target 20 NSDs.

    SET BUDGET I have allowed myself £50 spending for everything over the month. I know this is tight but I'm always better when I'm under pressure and theres only me!

    USE THINGS UP my cupboards are always chock a block and my freezer is like the Tardis !!! The £50 above includes all food spending so this will make me use everything from my boards of food.

    REVIST JANUARY TARGETS I've done this and all on target except weight loss!

    VACATION TIME I'm visiting my son near London next month so all money saved this month will be spending money for my holiday and I won't need to touch my bank account.

    INSPIRE OTHERS I have talked my friend into doing the NO SPEND month as well and we're texting each other daily.

    VALUE FOR MONEY I usually do a once monthly mega shop - first stop Lidl, then Tesco for the things I can't get in Lidl. If I have any budget left I stop in at Home Bargains on the way back. No big food shop this month so just bits like milk and bread. I might even resurrect the bread maker - I'm sure I've got bread flour somewhere :rotfl:

    EVERY DAY I will definitely check in every day!

    JUMP well, that's a sore point - after 62 years of walking everywhere I forgot my age and started jogging and even did a couple of 5k. I've now knackered my knee - 8 weeks on and its still sore but I have started going for walks again and just have to take it slowly. I'm unable to do my "Rosemary Conley Fitness Programme" which I have done 4-5 times weekly for over 20 years and have put weight on. I'm so so mad at myself !!!

    LOSE THE EXCESS I have listed some stuff on eBay so am waiting in anticipation. Will definitely lose excess from my kitchen cupboards with no food spends and once I'm more mobile I'll lose the excess weight.

    YEARLY PLANS Forthcoming birthdays all sorted. I did plan to make most of my Christmas presents this year. My goal was one each month and I have made 4 so far so must get back on track with that.

    So glad to have found you all xx
    Debt free - Mortgage free - Work free ( in that order :) )
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    Hi guys
    Unfortunately both yesterday and today are speedy days. Yesterday we went to friends so I took a bottle of wine which I picked up on the way £5.99 ( I’m calling that a treat though )
    Then today I needed salad stuff and some other bits while I was there. (£15.72)I will still need more milk and fresh stuff but apart from that I’m not planning on doing an online shop this week. The money saved will chip at my credit card this month. Once my credit card is clear I will start putting a bit away towards the holiday in November.
    No excercise but I have lost 1/2 lb this week. Not a lot but on the way down is good.
    Today I’m grateful for OH running me to the SM
    For a good nights sleep and for the sunshine ( it always makes me feel better)

    Anyway bye for now
    Hope everyone is having a good day
    January NST 2/16
  • Good afternoon,

    NSD 5/15

    Made £60 at the carboot, £7.00 went towards paying for the pitch. £53.00 to the holiday savings. :j Car boot was quite not may seller due to it being held undercover, I prefer to go here I can could not stand in a field for a few hours in this heat. Happy with what I have made. Been into the loaf to find a suitcase as my son is for on holidays in a fortnight, found some more bits for next weeks car boot.

    My exercise today has been unloading the car, setting up, packing up and unloading again.
    Parcels have been dropped off to the parcel shop. I have photographed the clothes I bought yesterday so the rest of the afternoon I will be listing these.

    I have beef in red wine cooking in the slow cooker for dinner this evening, beef was in the freezer and there we mushroom to use up, along with some potatoes that will be turned into mash. :) also carrots and broccoli that I know are in the bottom of the fridge.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.
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    dolly84 - Hope the antibiotics help your OH.
    NSD 6/20 NSD achieved today.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Still using up things already in.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Made a list of goals and bucket list.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Used 2 time credits(which I was given for voluntary work) to enter Tower of London. So was a free entry.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    Enjoying the little play at the Tower about Anne Boleyn.
    Nice day out.
    Chilled out afternoon/evening.
    Doing self-care today.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Did plenty of walking around the grounds of the Tower also going up and down the stairs at a few of the buildings.
    Unless - Brought my own lunch up to London.
    Lose - Done decluttering for now. Still need to take items to cs.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2021
    Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
    NST September 2021 NSD 11/20
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    Evening Turtles
    Thank you so much for Himself's birthday wishes. He had a lovely day. A few very old friends phoned/texted which was really nice.
    We got up early again this morning. I did the Boy's washing and hung it on the line to dry. Walked to Lidl and stocked up on olive oil and coffee. Got enough to last for five or six months now. ((Apple - Walks that length were something we used to do every day but age and laziness have prevented them recently. Really want to get back in to doing it).
    Did some batch cooking and was half way through the ironing when my neighbour appeared at the door. His mother in law had been taken seriously ill and they didn't have anyone to look after the two wee ones whilst they rushed to the hospital. Ironing abandoned and an afternoon with Peppa Pig, colouring and drawing. Long time since I looked after two little ones that size and for that length of time but you never forget how to do it, do you? The lady is still very poorly but we hope for the best.
    Things don't come by halves though, do they? Whilst I was looking after the smalls I got a phone call to say my cousin's son had had a stroke and they had found tumours in his brain and liver. What do you say. I just don't know. My heart is breaking for his mother. He's only 42.
    So, you just have to get on with it , don't you?
    Today I am truly grateful for relatively good health for my son, Himself and me.
    Hugs, everyone.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • Sorry I havent caught up. Been pretty unwell. Still on 3 nsds.
    No Spend November 2/15 and SPC 134
  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    Sorry I haven' caught up. Been pretty unwell. Still on 3 nsds.
    Hope you are a bit better. xxx
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    Hey everyone :wave:
    I'm finally emerging from 6 weeks of 15 hour days, hopefully a bit richer soon, but very very tired. Sorry I disappeared at the end of June, but work plus marking just made it too difficult for me to get on here. It was literally work, sleep and very little else. Kind of weird, and more busy than usual this year. I haven't been paid for any of it just yet but I'm really hoping that my money starts rolling in soon.
    I'm still running up debt. The divorce is ongoing, and I have an appointment about a mortgage in a couple of weeks, but I've still been paying ex's rent at his new place as I don't want him back home. It will all be deducted from his share of the financial settlement once we get there. I'm quite down about the whole financial situation - adjusting to just my salary, and also paying solicitors, his rent etc. I will get there but it's hard at the moment, and I get upset if I think too much about it all. However, I have now done all of my marking so I will start looking at it soon and getting things there moving again (as best as I can anyway).
    I will tag along with the July challenge as best as I can, if you don't mind me coming here over a week late - I have to do something rather than just sticking my head in the sand.
    Mothernerd - I hope that you are doing ok and not pushing yourself too hard.
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