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Anyone fed up with the heatwave?

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  • donnajunkiedonnajunkie Forumite
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    Yes hate it. As well as being uncomfortable and harder to sleep it increases the chances of our moron neighbours partying and guess what, they are right this minute.
  • Mrs_ArcanumMrs_Arcanum Forumite
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    Mista_C wrote: »
    I'm not a fan of the heat, I much prefer to be around 16°C for comfort although I have to say, so far, the heat hasn't been unbearable and I've enjoyed the freedom of just walking out of the front door without concerning myself with the likes of a jacket (I hate sleeves).

    On the flip side my lawn is now dust, all it's missing is tumbleweed. The local greenery is now brownery, the local wildlife is going a bit wobbly in the heat so I've started putting out water bowls around the place, and I'd like it if it could just be a little a cooler in the evening so I could sleep a little better.
    Been putting out water for the birds for some time. Get a string of visits with a lovely view of the birds having a drink.
    Truth always poses doubts & questions. Only lies are 100% believable, because they don't need to justify reality. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Labyrinth of the Spirits
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    Been putting out water for the birds for some time. Get a string of visits with a lovely view of the birds having a drink.
    Hedgehogs need it too. A couple of trays of water out are attracting 2 or 3 thirsty hedgehogs every night in my garden next to a wood'
    I have had Hedgehogs every night for the last few weeks. One night I saw on my CCTV camera a cat having a drink along with the Hedgehogs !
  • SpidernickSpidernick Forumite
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    Brits wouldn't be Brits if we didn't complain about the weather, whatever it is! It's one stereotype we seem more than happy to live up to. ;)
    'I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my father. Not screaming and terrified like his passengers.' (Bob Monkhouse).

    Sky? Believe in better.

    Note: win, draw or lose (not 'loose' - opposite of tight!)
  • TabbytabithaTabbytabitha Forumite
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    robin58 wrote: »
    Well I'm reporting you to the Air Conditioning Police. :D

    Why should you be smug while the rest of use are being boiled like lobsters!


    Just call me Smug McSmug Face!
  • AubreyMacAubreyMac Forumite
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    I hate it, even worse that my work office doesn't have air con.

    I don't understand why people would like hot weather, they must have a better tolerance than me. Everyday things is difficult - cooking, cleaning, walking to the shops, even using my hair straighteners.

    I'm often called weird for this but I actually love cold weather, I love needing my big padded coat, wooly hat and electric blanket, something so comforting about that. I'd love to live in a country that has long cold snowy season such as Canada or Scandinavia.
  • Loz01Loz01 Forumite
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    YES, I am a November baby and I think thats just ingrained into my soul. I love autumn, crisp air, dark evenings, firework night, wearing leggings and scarves and boots and fluffy pyjamas and getting under a blanket in the evening. This heatwave is hideous.
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    momoyamamomoyama Forumite
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    edited 8 July 2018 at 2:09PM
    I don't mind it. After struggling to get to work in the snow I can't really complain now. Granted it's energy-sapping. And I respect that some people's health is affected by it and they will desperately want it cooler. Nurses and other health care staff find it particularly tough.
  • FBabyFBaby Forumite
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    I was wondering how long it would take for the Brits to start moaning about something they otherwise moan for not getting!

    I love it! Yes it's hard to sleep (hence up since 6:00) but so what. I'm happy to give up good quality sleep for a summer if it mean being able to be outside and enjoying all it's got to offer.

    This is exceptional, so instead of moaning about it, how about trying to see the positives that come with it and make the best of them? Don't worry, the dreadful summers will be back next year and many afterwards and all will moan about the cost of travel abroad because after all, we all deserve to go and get some sunshine!
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    I like it to be hot, but not this hot. I've never been abroad, so had no idea what hot was like ... I can only go outside for 2-3 minutes before feeling light headed.

    I've not really left the house for 3 weeks, except essential food runs ... and I sit inside with the curtains drawn most of the day.

    I like it - but I think you do need to have "the right clothes and a hat" to enjoy it, along with things like "somewhere to go" ... else you just sit inside. I "could" go to the beach ... but that'd be utterly bunged and wedged with masses of raucous families ... and I "could" go out of my way to hike on foot (lugging my gear) 1-2 miles off the beaten track for a bit of quiet sand.... but that seems daft when I can stay at home where I've a loo and a fridge of food.

    I've also had to do that thing called "watering the lawn" for the first time in my life.... my god that's a thankless task with a leaky old hosepipe the last house owners abandoned and left behind.... that's not even quite long enough to reach to the end ... and you can't turn the tap up more else all the leaks pee out everywhere.
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