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  • Good Morning World. Today will be my second NSD. I am off for a walk in minute and take it some of the glorious sunshine. :)
    When I come back I am going to do some washing and then do some more reading.
    I am trying to spend less time online if I can.
    I made porridge successfully for once and had a decent and very cheap breakfast (about 3p a portion including sugar)
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    Not much going on here at the moment. Ordered some face wash online yesterday (prefer to buy in stores but can't get this particular product), it was budgeted for sort of, I ended up getting a much bigger size as it worked out so much better but we all use it so it will be better for us.

    Paid a deposit for a camping trip at the end of the month so now need to plan our holiday finances as we have two trips away during the school holidays.
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    Morning all! I think I've caught up on posts to now (9.15am) and have added everyone (I think!) to the list of participants (27 of us up to mummylewis :D) - please shout at me if I've missed you off!! :) How lovely to see you all :)

    swiiminginaseaofdebt - fingers crossed for your OU module results later this month :)

    Toni'sfriend - definitely consider tcb/ quidc0 - particularly good for online purchases (but some instore purchases can count if you register your card) - obviously only a good deal if you were spending the money anyway, but OH and myself have 'made' almost £2500 over the last few years. Lots of presents for Himself's birthday sounds fun - and the huge box of Jaffa cakes = :drool::drool:

    f0xh0les - gotta love hand-me-downs between the children whilst they don't mind! I actually really like how different things can look on each of my 3 boys :) And coffee in the park when in Ireland sounds like a small £price to pay for sanity!!:D

    shabbychic12 - am sure that you can refocus with such a brilliant goal of retirement at the end of this year to work towards!

    clippy_girl - Tupperware used to do such jugs - you can still buy it online from people, or maybe Amaz0n/ flebay? Totally agree that line dried washing is great - I much prefer the smell and feel of it :)

    - thank you :kisses3:. All is well here, I've just had a busy couple of days catching up with some stuff after working lots the past few weeks. Am not working now until Sept (and then only a handful of days) so can re-join in with life again! :D Take care of yourself - perhaps ask the GP about the meds and your heart? x

    GlendaSugarbean - good on you for thinking about budgeting now instead of waiting until Sept - it really will make a difference :)

    enchilada (and anyone else who may have excess toiletries) - ideas for where to donate perhaps for any future excess toiletries: babybanks (linky for where to find one near to you: http://www.stripeystork.org.uk/babybanks/) - will take adult and child/ baby toiletries, foodbanks, shoebox appeals (toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps, small hotel toiletries are wanted by our local one), homeless shelters (again, hotel toiletries work well - single use and men's toiletries/ shaving products), women's shelters (tend to have to drop off elsewhere due to security), or freegle groups/ pages. Or look at alternative uses - I use hotel shower gels to top up liquid handwash bottles. I makle laundry 'gloop' from soap bars (not for everyone, I know! :D:D), I use disliked face creams and handcreams as body lotions. Disliked shampoo has been used as shower gel/ bubble bath before now :)

    Kerry Woman - you've had lots of changes to get used to since losing your mum. A 'new normal' takes time x

    EarlyRetirement - well done on the carboot sale! - money in and stuff out = a win-win! :T Shame about the blueberries (the birds had all my cherries this year :() - but I guess the wildlife is suffering in this weather

    apple muncher - the paddling pool after power yoga sounds like a good idea! And well done to DD for her taekwondo medals :T

    gien - a sea swim sounds lovely and refreshing :)

    laurenh1 - good use of leftovers! And well done on being motivated enough to run in this weather :) :j

    Tropically - congratulations on your impending nuptials! :beer::beer:

    DawnW - good use of using existing things in pesto :)

    mothernerd - hope the conjunctivitis clears up soon. Take it easy - you sound like you have so much going on/ planned!

    Sashanut - glad to hear that you're feeling better now :)

    thriftylass - definitely a case that every little helps when it comes to OPs. Every £1/£5/£10 you over pay is another bit that you'll never have to pay interest on again - and it really does all add up!
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    I have to declare a spend day. My little boy needed a rewards chart so I downloaded a pirate themed one from "Super Nanny" printed it off , along with a photo of my son which I stuck on to a pirate's body (so he can move up the reward markers ) & asked nursery to laminate it for me. My only expense has been blue tack. £1 :D Pretty impressed with how good it looks I hope he loves it. At some point I'll make my youngest one but he's much too young yet:j I was looking at some online that were quite expensive so I'm a happy bunny.
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    NSD # 1 !!
    I nearly caved and bought ready made pastry but made my own which is chillin' in the fridge as I type. Probably would have been cheaper to buy, but I had the stuff in, so I have not spent.

    Painting stuff, moving bits of furniture around, measuring up for Roman blinds. Putting up loo roll holders and binning nasty nasty nasty wall mounted loo brush holders (who ever even thought that would be a good or hygenic idea??? ) , so using up diy stores I already have. knocking jobs off my lists, bringing order to all in my path. Until the kids come home and sod it all up again!

    Overpaid the mortgage this morning, still have £300.01 to find this month. Hence the making my own pastry. If it stays in the bank until the end of the month, it is going to the mortgage. I know you are supposed to pay debts first, but I keep having to borrow from savings the last week of the month if I do, but if I leave it to the end of the month, then it stays in the bank, and I overpay more. Perverse isn't it?

    Right. cuppa then picking up kid, then other kids, then last kid, and then home for the last time to make pasties and watch the .......FOOTBALL!!!!
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    So I thought that I should probably post my own things! :D

    • NSDs - I'm not so fussed on these personally, as long as budgets aren't blown. I will monitor them though :) 2
    • Remember others - DD to charity gone out.
    • Pay to your debts or savings FIRST and live off the rest - all my day to day CCs paid off. OH likely to do his tomorrow. Money gone to savings account. Now debt free other than BTL mtge - have made £50 OP to there so far :)
    • Set budgets. Food 37.61/475. Fuel 0/65 Gifts 13/30 Toiletries 0/10 Cleaning 0/10 DD uni stuff 0/50 Clothes 0/100 Social 0/75
    • Use things up Have decanted a tube of hand cream, half a bottle of face oil and a small (freebie tester) tube of tinted moisturiser (way too dark for my pink and white face!) into a tub and mixed - will be using as body moisturiser.
      We all had leftovers for dinner last night (with various bits added)
    • Revisit those targets you set back in January.
      My goals from the Jan thread:12 months: debt free (exc BTL mtge) A decent no of jobs completed from our 'to do' list for the house Fitter. Hopefully with 2 children at uni. Pensions sorted. - debt free achieved (exc BTL) some house jobs achieved, and plans for more. Not fitter (probably more unfit:o) Uni = waiting for results day!:eek: Pensions have been revisited and some changes made (will be an ongoing thing)
      5 years & 10 years - some progress made to longer term aims, but not much.
    • Vacation time No idea whether we're going on hol in Oct (not booking until after A level results) and no real plans made for summer hols with the kids - must get thinking cap on!
    • Inspire others -
    • Value for money -only spends have been money donated to teachers' collections and food shopping at Icyland
    • Every day - finally here! :) Am thankful for the weather (still!), a brilliant catch up with my sister's mum, having (more than) enough, my children, listening to the birds in the trees

    • Jump - 2 short walks today, that's about it so far
    • Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. - out for a meal with colleagues to celebrate end of exam season tomorrow - should be less than £15 and will take form social budget
    • Lose the excess. Flebay sale on Sunday of an item of DS3's. Have 2 more things to list. Charity bag is filling up ready to donate later in month. Have been through DS1's wardobe and drawers with him - some ragged, some handed down. Will weigh myself tomorrow and at month end.
    • Yearly plans -we are halfway through 2018. If you haven't planned on how to finance Christmas/ birthdays in the second half of the year/ DIY things which need doing (we keep an ongoing list of large and small jobs and try to knock something off it each month)/ any holiday plans you may have - NOW is the time - will make a list of people with bdays and those I need to get Xmas presents for and make a start, even if it is putting money aside.
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    Hi guys
    Time to check in

    £38.78 spent on online shop but I now have so much stuff in that I am going to pull back a bit on my stocking up and concentrate on my credit card.
    No excercise today

    I’m thankful for lovely friends who have invited us to a barbecue and to watch the footie this evening.
    Also for baby cuddles, their daughter has an absolutely gorgeous baby boy, only 2 months old and so sweet.

    Anyway time to go
    Have a good evening guys
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    Much, much better day today although still feeling wabbit. Think it must be the weather. Really hot again today.
    Went for a little bit of a walk but not too far. Spent 59p on potatoes in HB. I know it spoils an NSD for such a small amount but veg does tend to go off quickly in this heat so don't want to stock up with too much. Having left over cold roast pork (from freezer) with dauphinoise potatoes for dinner. Just a little bit of potato because it's so rich but so delicious.
    Tomorrow's plan is to have our first day out. Walk round town to see where we would like to visit at a later date and have lunch. I have a 40% discount voucher for a well known Italian Restaurant chain which we really like so hopefully that will work out.
    Football tonight so I'll be off upstairs to finish my book. Good luck to all you footie fans.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    #17 checking in :)

    • NSDs - I'm not fussed on these either - I tend to shop little and often, especially this weather. I am going to try for 13 though, as aiming for NSDs does, I find, make me consider whether a spend is worth breaking one for! 0 / 13 so far :o
    • Remember others - I do a monthly food bank donation. Not done yet, as I haven't yet checked their FB page to see what is most urgent.
    • Pay to your debts or savings FIRST and live off the rest - No debts, savings are paid by direct debit or standing order along with the bills :)
    Set budgets. Food, toiletries, cleaning stuff and pet supplies, total updated in my signature - big stock up shop today as I had a good voucher, £12 off a £60 shop in Sainsburys :)To clarify, some of the £60 was spent on items to come from another budget.

    Use things up - Used veg from fridge and freezer to make a Bolognese sauce and a frittata, should do for meals for a few days. Finished off the last slice of ham for lunch, shared with OH in a couple of bagels :)

    Revisit those targets you set back in January - Health problems and other issues meant that we didn't really set any, only to concentrate on solving the immediate problems :o We are both ok now (touch wood), and the relative we had to help out financially is now settled in his HA flat. Recently had to lend him some money to get his car fixed, but he has already started to pay that back.

    Vacation time - Our camper van is back from its extensive repairs, so we will be making good use of it this summer :j
    Inspire others - Will try!
    Value for money - Checked National Trust renewal letter, and it seems we are due a lower membership fee due to being over 60, and having been members for ages. Phone call made, and £28.80 refund is on its way :T

    Every day - I'm here :)
    Jump - Just a bit of gardening today so far, but will walk the dog once it cools down :)

    Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. - Nothing here.

    Lose the excess. Posted 4 ebay parcels this afternoon :) Two were business stock, but the other two were nice items of clothing that didn't fit me properly.

    Yearly plans -we are halfway through 2018. If you haven't planned on how to finance Christmas/ birthdays in the second half of the year/ DIY things which need doing, NOW is the time - Due partly to circumstances beyond our control, and partly to expensive vehicle costs, we will be over my planned budget this year :( This means that savings are being / will be depleted. I will try to keep this to the absolute minimum!
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    greent - Thank you.

    NSD 3/20 NSD achieved today.
    Will be making donations this month to charity. Still to do.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Still using up things already in.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Made a list of goals and bucket list.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Will look into this.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    Speaking to my niece on the phone as she is 21 today.
    Managed things in work even though it was busy.
    Getting home early again.
    Having a good night sleep.
    Doing self-care today.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Walked to and from bus stop/work also walking around school doing errands today.
    Unless - Not needed today.
    Lose - Shredded more paperwork and put it into the recycling bin. This last the last bit of paperwork for now. Also put some items aside for cs.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year.
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