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Add your feedback on energy supplier Extra Energy

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  • BillmiserBillmiser Forumite
    2 posts
    Signed up for a year in 2016. Unbelievably bad customer service and billing. Although a cheap rate I could not wait to get away from them. They built up a huge credit balance by 6 months in, and would not produce a bill or lower the Direct Debit amount. Utterly hopeless communication eg after I wrote for the 3rd time with full information about their over-billing, 2 weeks later my wife got a call. They would not speak to her but asked when would be suitable to contact me. When they eventually got me in person they were calling, not to deal with the issue, but in order to fix a time two further weeks later when they could call me to discuss the problem - absolutely ridiculous. Never got the billing resolved, but eventually they agreed to stop my DD since I had already paid for a full year's electricity in advance. Hopeless, incompetent, system-less. I am now with Brilliant Energy - sheer joy. Good rates, efficient billing, flawless switching, no nonsenses about building up credits, and realistic DD rate which was left unchanged over the winter so they were actually in debit for that period. Can't comment on customer complaint handling - haven't had any complaints.
  • chas1999chas1999 Forumite
    97 posts
    Billmiser wrote: »
    Signed up for a year in 2016. Unbelievably bad customer service and billing. Although a cheap rate I could not wait to get away from them.... .

    That seems to be the norm for EE and has been for years. How long did you wait for the overpayments to be repaid after you left?
  • Just had a great deal from this company for a year's electricity contract which beats all the household names..... but I've not heard of them before. Has anyone heard of them or used them? Thanks :)
    This person must be a company plant......
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... DON'T go near thies sharlitons with a bargepole for your owe health and sanity.
    I'm only able to get rid of them after three hideous years of mind blowing frustration AND hardship. If you speak anyone remotely associated don't believe a word..LIERS.
    I could tell you thousand horror stories about them but even thinking of them makes my skin crawl. All you have know what I think of them is it rhymes with JEREMY HUNT !!! . I think you know what I mean. Please be safe and not POOR.
  • Please Please Please DON'T have anything to do with these Sharlitons if you value your sanity.
    There rates look fantastic but believe me you will very quickly run into problems (nightmares).
    I have seen posts that sing their praises. These are either company plants or people with brain damage.
    When you get problems and you will you can do everything the proper way but they will simply ignore you and be rude to boot.
    I STRONGLY advise you to make a note (TRUST ME WRITE IT DOWN) of EVERY time you call, e-mail or write to them and believe absolutely nothing they say. When you contact them tell them to log an official complaint and ask for proof.
    PLEASE have nothing to do with them every thing about them is BAD.
    Be safe and not poor. For them that have already joined remember this post and how what I say rings true.
  • AllonewordAlloneword Forumite
    368 posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    The expression that comes to mind with these guys is "they don't know their a**e from their elbow.

    About 18 months ago they cost me £140 in "warm home scheme" then when i complained offered £30 on the basis of i never went to ombudsmen, which i didn't because i could not be bothered, went back to them asking for my £30 and was told only if you promise not to go further, sounds like bribery to me, i may be wrong.

    Just had a stroke and wanted to put account in both wife & my name they refused said it's not allowed anymore, then rang another dept and done in in less than 5 mins.

    My advice is to stay away if you want a hassle free supplier, sorry EE you need to do MUCH better

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