MSE News: 75,000+ TSB complaints STILL unresolved - despite many customers waiting more than...

Tens of thousands of TSB customers are still waiting for their complaints about the bank's IT meltdown to be addressed, and some who were left £100s out of pocket haven't had a response more than eight weeks on, MoneySavingExpert can reveal...
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'75,000+ TSB complaints STILL unresolved - despite many customers waiting more than eight weeks'
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    WhoIsThatWhoIsThat Forumite
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    Presumably, the reason so many people have not had a response from TSB, is because some of us lucky ones were sent a response saying they would be in contact with us within 4 weeks... and happily enclosed the letters of several others too (including their full name, address, and complaint reference number)

    How on earth would TSB know who has reveived a letter and who, like me, got sent a handful of letters addressed to various others?
    The only sensible way would be to have re-run that day's letters, ensuring 1 letter per envelope and re-sending ... but as I didn't receive another copy, then that was presumably not done.

    Anyway the letter was dated 17/05/2018, and the 4 weeks have now elapsed.
    The letter does indicate I can now take the matter to the ombudsman, and it goes onto say there is no time limit (usually complaints have to be lodged lodged with the ombudsman within 6 months)
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    Still waiting (two of us here) despite both having received 'personal' responses from Paul Pester three weeks ago:

    ".......I have passed your note to my Head of Customer Service and asked her to ensure that she, or one of her team, contacts you as soon as possible.

    Thank you once again for contacting me.



    Paul Pester
    CEO, TSB Bank plc"

    I don't think he's got a clue what's actually going on in his bank, and since he's pretty obviously on his way out, I doubt he cares much either! :)
  • stclairstclair Forumite
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    I was offered £184.00 recently said in the letter it would take upto 4 weeks to be paid.
    Im an ex employee RBS Group
    However Any Opinion Given On MSE Is Strictly My Own
  • Al_RossAl_Ross Forumite
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    I received my telephone call 7 weeks after complaint.Offered £50,it was paid into my account 2 hours later.
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