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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    1) Being back in the peace and calm of home.

    2) Good run on the roads but coffee in the car at the service station as it was heaving, mind you I don't know what else I did expect as it's Saturday!

    3) 2 x wash loads put out after lunch are just back in now beautifully dry and lots of things don't need ironing.

    4) DD sang a solo at the Flower Festival Concert last night, very proud Mumsie here.

    5) DD has gone through her wardrobe and as a result I now have a new to me one, lots of nice warm winter things in it too!
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    mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    dundee doll hope all is well in the east coast? Thought of you twice tonight! I've been at a ceilidh and the hall loos were twinned!

    A day quite busy.

    Bath with a new library book though by the looks of the pages someone's had dinner with it last!

    Dog walk with friend & old lady dog.

    Went to mothers & ironed, washed floors, hoovered downstairs & staircase...she hovers behind as I do everything! Then did some pruning in garden. Nice chat with her neighbour. Home for a rest!

    Walked to T . Bought a salvia ( I had beautiful salvia in Melbourne ) and a few bits and pieces for tea.

    Home & sat in garden and read for half hour. Friends husband & old lady dog brought me rhubarb. Old lady dog & Haggis went out in the garden.

    Nice chat with my sister.

    Niece & GN , friend and her daughter came for tea. Then we went to ceilidh. It was such good fun but I was very emotional when band started playing. We had a ceilidh at our wedding and both loved Scottish music & I had played OH this in his last days which he reacted to. There was a quiz which we won! Two bags of chocolate ...I brought one home! My wee great niece and I danced our socks off. My plantar fasciitis is currently complaining so goodness knows what it will be saying in the morning.

    Dropped friend off then home. Lovely welcome from the dog.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Saturday pleasures,

    I slept right through, hasn’t happened for months :j

    Mushrooms on toast for breakfast.

    Lazy morning, pottered around garden and then just sat & read. My latest book is based around Cambridge and the surrounding villages, in one chapter an incident occurred on a level crossing around a mile from my house!

    Distracted with watching the bees who are nesting in our lawn, they obviously love the flowers on the hedge and a continuous stream of them were flying to & from.

    Over to see horse girlie, she is channeling her inner teenager at the moment with testing behaviour, it can happen with young horses so will just work through it. My muscle tone is improving no end :D
  • house_elfhouse_elf Forumite
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    Good Morning,

    Lovely day yesterday.........visit to DH Boss House. :cool:

    1. Woke up feeling poorly. (On the verge of a migraine). Dozed all the way to Hertfordshire. Stopped off at services for a cup of tea. They had a patisserie Valerie. So had proper tea in a pot. Felt revived by the time we reached the BBQ.

    2. Beautiful setting for the afternoon. The house is like a stately home :rotfl: had an amazing meal, all cooked by the family. (He has 5 sons and a very patient wife). There was, of course, staff in the kitchen doing the washing up, topping up the drink supplies etc :rotfl:

    3. Nice chats with DH work colleagues from London office. We were the Brummie contingent. In previous years, I have been intimidated by the Yummie Mummies, but now I am too old to care :rotfl:

    4. Found a bottle of Chateau Neuf Du Pape amongst the bottles of red. Had 3 glasses :) would have had more, but DH was driving, and it wasn’t really fair :rotfl:

    5. The entertainment was an Elvis Impersonator :rotfl:

    A Grand Day Out :)

    Today we will be gardening. Have a lovely day :)
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Met a friend for a coffee and a walk. She had her new puppy with her. The puppy was gorgeous and we had lots of attention.

    2. Spent some time reading in the garden and enjoyed the sun.

    3. Went next door to a party and had a great time.

    4. Enjoyed talking to people I hadn't seen in a while.

    5. Lovely food bbq and curry.
  • Hopeless_CaseHopeless_Case Forumite
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    Morning, another glorious day, we've been so lucky this year :):):):)

    - Lovely family bbq yesterday, met niece's new BF :)
    - Good day today for using up odd little long-term lurkers from freezer, feels like progress :rotfl:
    - Looking forward to watching England
    - Enjoyed watching a really tame thrush on my mum's lawn - although I guess seeing it smashing a snail on her path and eating it mightned be to everyone's taste :rotfl:
    - Croissant and jam for breakfast :)
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    DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    What ho midears! Life, this yellow stuff & general Exam Fever have been getting in the way, but we appear to have emerged, blinking....

    magster - lovely to hear happy dogs & what idiots your absent guests were. Agapanthus I was taught was "Lily of the Nile" & it so makes complete sense to have it cherished at any time of year. "millionaire shortbread and tablet ice cream" - sounds utter bliss! Dog (and shoes) lost in long grass - part of the fun, no? I think I see how you loose weight - you bake temptations to lure the archangels adrift by the galore and give them all away. You will get your room back eventually but yes who *wants* to have to shift the offsprings stuff? Volunteers form an orderly queue please. A celidh and plantar? Yowch. Careful foot exercises on bag of frozen peas?
    Frith - Must not covet someone else's breakfast but oh my smoked salmon & scrambled eggs. As for putting foot in - sounds relatively benign & I suspect wife will grin for days. Hurrah spoken English exam (if endure the smug) Do pursue the Finnemore diary - it is glorious!
    MrsSD - now that's a way to select which shops you patronise - judging them ruthlessly on the music! Hatched grebes! Motorbiking from spa to spa? Canny going!
    Hopeless case - trust your hindbrain on candles - power cuts happen & candlelight is lovely. (Mum is a candle-based pyro, but her pretext is she says she feels 30 years younger by candlelight.) You tidy your office? (I share a floor with up to 80 others.) Family BBQ lovely & you get to see the new faces...
    villagelife - to be showered with hawthorn petals sounds rather nice even if the bus driver laughs & then apologises. Clear "ping!" of recognition re herbs & spices & offspring. (Jars etc now stored in ice cream tubs so the short can use the high shelf too. Justabout.) Any walk with a puppy!
    LaineyT - a home-loaded skewer sounds delicious! Will look out A Bruce - thankyou! "muscle tone improving" blimey not something the Pullein-Thompsons ever admitted to!
    BoP - can I send my louts along for a stint at your finishing school? (I do understand they'll never get anything like the pension but a proper education is worth rubies!) Besides which if they can't keep the wolves from the door playing poker, our nursery games efforts have been wasted. Steels calling, eh? Do us proud. I'm assembling a calendar of Heroic Images...
    purple kitten - "available for the first time since 1958" - I'm choked at the thought myself. It is the right thing to do & may the new occupants be as happy for as long. Clearly the birds think you were right to bring the birdbath back!
    house elf - delighted to hear "Finally someone has listened to me!" - why do people not realise a new pair of eyes can see things you might otherwise miss?! (Mind you, I audit things occasionally so am biased!) "I know what I am doing" - you lucky soul. Our immediate management barely know what month it is (and indeed assigned me work when I was clearly flagged on leave - next team meeting will have an agenda item of when people are Not Exected In). What an afternoon out midear - PatVal, stately home, Chateau Neuf Du Pape (yippee!) and all thanks to your husband & his boss! (Surely a thankyou note be in order, as such a wonderful time deserves appreciative recognition, no?)
    Mrs LW - isn't it good to be home?! And line drying is a huge OS pleasure - ah proper scratchy bathtowels, and bleached white school shirts.
    Ampersand, DundeeDoll, kittikins, Broomstick, Mcculloch, Skint & everyone else whose name escapes me - hoping you are well and thriving?!

    OS Pleasures recently
    We have found, purchased & configured two computer desks & my folding wooden chair is being relocated until the "right" swivel chair is found. Triumph! [now not only have found & bought the swivel chair, we took the arms off so it occupies still less space]

    Sons bickering over cans of cider & the social animal (accused of quaffing his brothers treat) casually located the two errant cans right where vehement protestations had said they were not... I think the shopping list is safe for another few days.

    Home made beef jerky. So much fun just in the planning!

    "Purging, vomiting, bleeding" etc - yet my lads still think medicine is Interesting - clearly they haven't had to do any of the associated laundry, but hey, it's Poldark!

    Grinning hopefully at nasturtium leaves - no flowers yet, but hopes.

    The upside of an onsite parking space is the earlier start to the day. Not wholly convinced I can keep the length reasonable but knowing the car is fifty paces away means no fleece or waterproof. (Which I may yet come to regret, or even keep me at my desk a little longer!)

    Observing son brew hot chocolate. For a pint mug, seven heaped teaspoons of chocolate powder, two of sugar, a slosh of boiling water & a splash of milk. Served with a grin & the insulin clearly labelled in the fridge.

    "I shall become a giggle-oh!" - not convinced child has grasped the meaning of that word, but the pronunciation has us all chuckling.

    I do love the emporium staff. Having steered a stressed suit through the (impressive) choice of whiskies, an assistant crooned "a bag?" &, a moment later, "a straw?". The chap took it well, grumbling he wasn't allowed the stuff anymore as he paid up, smiling.

    Bless the lad, my unstable epileptic son is *amused* by the cannabis excitement & sticking to the pills he trusts. [OhThankHeavens]

    "Be a man and fix it."
    "These Dairylea ads are getting a bit harsh." (My youngest has a disconcerting sense of humour.)

    Lad about to claim Jobseekers plans to pay us 60% as rent. And to renegotiate when he gets a job! (I never said a word! His idea!)

    Son doing a Colombo - just one more thing - buy him another mountain bike. To be fair, the relevant cash is being held towards me (and the old one has been returned but not yet refunded, ahem).

    Playing "who's *is* that voice?" listening to Time Signs, the precursor to Time Team. I thought it was the voice of the book (H2G2), & Himself thought it reminiscent of Mr.Benn. He was right! Ray Brooks, known to me as the voice of Mr.Benn (& King Rollo) & not Peter Jones.

    Woke the lads bright & early as serious computer kit & code to get. So we spent the next two hours researching technology while the lads ate cereal & grumbled a bit & Himself took my opinion we should get the lot online as better prices & consumer rights remarkably well but we had a look in PC World & lo there was a rather nice graphics tablet rtc! [Which I must go & finish supervising the installation of.]

    Dashit. A son has twigged that my new glasses are in fact not two pairs (day & sunny day) but three - distance, sunny distance & reading. And the reading glasses are Star Wars ones. Reduced to half price by a collaborative optician as she could see my Inner Toddler beaming.

    Various shambling youths indicate their day is beginning - I had better go pretend to be a competent parent. Health, strength, love, courage, sunscreen & accurate glasses to all as have need, safe travels & returns & thank you Raffles for all this Yellow Stuff!
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    1) This fantastic bright and warm day, just had lunch in the garden under the big umbrella, gorgeous!

    2) Coffee at the garden centre this morning and a little country drive on the way home.

    3) Two buzzards right over the garden spiralling on thermals and calling their 'keear' call to each.

    4) Hearing from DD2 that both the boys slept the night through until 6.30 this morning, the first unbroken nights sleep for her in almost a month.

    5) House clean, ironing done from yesterday and nothing needed for the whole afternoon which I'm going to enjoy sitting in the garden reading my book.....with a pot of tea in due course, absolute heaven!
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    DfV. We did college and work as well. ONC. OND. would had been HNC HND then polytechnic if good enough. These days. No work experience! Got six former this weak. She!!!8217;ll not get slaughtered inn the wobbleades emporium!

    V Fantastic Engerland today. Turned off soccer to cricket. Get in. Josh near the end with decent spoon.

    4 Had codpiece with minted tatties peas and cauliflower. Fresh homemade parsley sauce was lashed on top. Strawbs and ice cream. Tum was rubbed. Bit of a disaster with the milk mix for the parsley sauce, but BoPsie cleared it up!

    3 Flix of Net last eve. The House. Bit risqu! for the likes of you lot though. I have to think what!!!8217;s your mum would say!

    2 Nite more flicks ofnet too watch. Details later!

    Don!!!8217;t forget weakday BoP events every lunch bite!
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Sigh! And tomorrow is another day!

    My day started at 3am. DD2 very unwell. Go to doctors please ( Sunday , our GP not open ...sorted that out) nasty pharyngitis , prescribed antibiotics.

    Dog thought it was his lucky day as breakfast at 5am and out walking just after 7am. Stunning walk. Just us and the birds and the buzzy bees. Warm already.

    Went to church early service which was lovely.

    Needed an aerial for TV so I can move it. The aerial point and plug socket are at opposite ends of room! Shall move that around shortly. Had to wait for shop to open at 11am . So mooched around. Chatted with a few people after church, met a friend and chatted some more. There was a global market on in town for past 4 days. Asked if I could take some photos of different stalls ( foody ones)

    Got aerial and noticed one of the discount stores which comes under the umbrella of pound world had closing down sale....I may have went in! Got some solar lights and a couple of hallowe'eny things ( I know! ) DD2 was trying to call but I was low on battery.

    Back to car, her messages suggested an allergic reaction but I didn't have enough charge to call and speak so quick text and call you in 10 minutes. Hit every blooming red light.

    Home, my over the phone diagnosis was a severe allergic reaction to antibiotic ( DD1 friend a newly qualified nurse had suggested continue taking antibiotics and take an antihistamine too!...NO WAY! ) please hang up and phone our local pharmacy they close in 10 minutes (in Melbourne ) she called back so upset and had been told to get to A&E straight away. The voice of slight calm (me) said wake up your sister, get an über and go straight there. The voice of not so calm ( also me) swearing at my so slow iPad as I'm trying to locate flights ! Son helped me with his much better behaved laptop. DD1 ...please ask a doctor if I need to come out. Friend who was OH pain doctor saying she should be okay and lots of nasty viruses going around Melbourne. She would be triaged accordingly and would be in resus if bad. She wasn't. Kept in short stay for 4 hours, given antihistamine and steroids and allowed home. Sigh! Friend will call them in morning, other friend notified and will keep an eye out too!

    So much texting and calling and in between all that we popped down to friends ( once I realised I didn't need to fly nor pack a case ...a tiny case as DD has the big ones! ) and spent an afternoon in their garden with 2 mad 10 week old pups! Nice .

    Home. Just as girls had arrived at their home too. Made a chilli beef.
    Sat in garden and ate it. What a glorious day it's been.

    Going to quickly change bedding so I can get on with stuff tomorrow. Have decorator between 2 rooms first thing, so need to be on the ball. Move dining room back round once I move TV. And watch Poldark. Oh and water veg patch! All in 40 minutes!

    Then hopefully sleep ! Hope youve all had a good day :)
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