Unofficial Chance of Cheaper Verb-atim CDRs on Amazon

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Now that the once unsurpassed 'Taiyo Yuden' (yes, I know... hardly a household name, but there you go!) have bitten the dust, some people say the best CDRs you can buy today are by Verbatim. My favourite pick are AZO Cdrs, rated for archival purposes for 100 years. Others, however, believe the currently more expensive "Extra Protection" CDRs to be better. YMMV and the debate can go on...

Nevertheless... here is the thing. Currently 100 AZO cdrs by Verbatim are out of stock and priced at £15.78 from Amazon. They say "order now and we will deliver when available."

Yet each time I've ordered, I've repeatedly received the currently more expensive "Extra Protection" 100 X Verbatim Cdrs instead. As I'm an Azo fan, given my burner's preference, I've had to repeatedly return them. But it's just occurred to me, that for anyone who's a Verbatim "Extra Protection" fan, then it's looking like here's your unofficial chance to save a pound on them over the current cost of £16.78 for a 100 verbatim cdrs. If the same happens to you, (and from my repeated experience, it should!!) then you should find that by buying the currently unavailable 100 Azo CDR, you should find that you'll shortly be sent the Extra Protection spindle instead - and save a quid in the process!

Please let all know how it goes, and hopefully others will find your experience to be helpful too. After all, the worst that can happen, i.e., if I'm somehow not onto something, is that you'll order 100 Verbatim AZO CDRs for £15.78 and in a couple of weeks' time, thats exactly what you'll receive. And if Azo aren't what you want, you could always cancel before then anyway. But if they send CDRs to you any quicker, you can bet (from my recent experiences) that you'll be receiving the currently more expensive Extra Protection CDRs for the exact same price of £15.78 instead of the official £16.78.

HTH someone! But please note that above prices are correct at time of this post, and please beware that they can change any time they like. So perhaps that may be worth a try while you still can.


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    Do you have any way of checking the error rates that you are getting with these CD-R's? At some point my stock of Taiyo Yudens will be depleted so I'd be interested to know how good the alternatives really are. My test results from the cheaper Verbatim discs haven't been particularly good.
  • Hi jamesperrett,

    I must say yours is an absolutely excellent and refreshingly very relevant question. And my apologies for the late response, as I've been away from the forum for a few weeks. Alas, I used to have a CDR burner which was capable of checking all the advanced stuff (I too used to love that kind of thing back in the day, recalling too, a certain other forum which was alive back then, with similar debates) when it came to testing burn quality, but my current CDR, although far faster at writing, is just not as useful in that regard. So I'm sorry, I can't help with answering your query in the way that I'd like.

    It is interesting though that your tests from the cheaper verbs are promising. I always found that the AZO branded verbatims gave excellent results, when I last tested them properly, however, as you know, they tend to move their manufacturing facilities every few years, so it's possibly a case of 'past performance is not always...'

    Having said that, I would still be hard pressed to think of a better cdr than verbatim AZOs (now that TY are out of the retail picture...).All the same, I'd very much welcome your further thoughts on the matter if you get a chance please.

    Thank you v much.
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