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Prepping for Brexit thread

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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Hi guys
    I also can!!!8217;t see the point in stocking up on things we won!!!8217;t use.
    Unfortunately we haven!!!8217;t a garden now we!!!8217;ve moved to a flat and no point in applying for an allotment because they are all miles away and also I struggle to keep houseplants alive.
    Tink my list is similar to yours but without the kidney beans. OH hates them with a vengeance so I make chilli with baked beans instead.
    I!!!8217;m aiming at today eating from the fridge and freezer cos I have a glut of lettuce that needs eating so that will be the basis of lunch and tea.
    Also we won!!!8217;t be going too far because the World Cup is on and it is one of OHs great pleasures in life. Not a problem though, I!!!8217;m halfway through a book.
    Also I!!!8217;m enjoying going through some of the old threads. I must look up the old how we were going to cope with austerity threads if they are still there.
    Anyway onwards and upwards
    January NST 2/16
  • mardathamardatha Forumite
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    Def agree that prices will rise - and that they are rising now. What happened when we went decimal in the 70ss was that everything got rounded up somehow and going decimal was blamed. Some things went up more than just a bit as well. So I know they'll do this again and probly are doing it already.
  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Hi guys
    Things seem to be shrinking too I!!!8217;ve noticed and less choice for the value brands. At one time I could get most of my shop done in value and those have disappeared with new named value ranges appearing with less in.
    Sneaky sneaky sneaky

    January NST 2/16
  • fuddlefuddle Forumite
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    The price of food is starting to concern me bit I'm well aware I've had it good in my life time but I have the skills to strip it all back, make each morsel count and teach my girls the same.

    I have a well stocked working cupboard but when I had my kitchen installed I ensured I had the room to store more. My cupboard is about to earn its worth.

    I know it's difficult to say what may be difficult to get or come with a specialist price tag but has anyone any hunches?

    In terms of practical things I can do I have 11 ice cubes filled with whizzed up oregano in the freezer. I don't like relying on the freezer for storage at all so, although I dabbled last year, I am going to educate myself on air drying herbs.
  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    I think the way forward is to teach our kids (and OHs) the way to not waste anything. Both my boys were taught to cook when they were young and both taught other kids when they went to uni. Schools don!!!8217;t have time or resources to teach cookery as we were taught so it!!!8217;s up to us.
    We went bankrupt in 2009 and have worked really hard to rebuild our lives. Both boys learned to live on a shoestring and even though they don!!!8217;t have to now don!!!8217;t waste food.
    Our youngest DS (31) is in the process of buying a house at the moment and as he will have the biggest space has announced he is doing Xmas dinner this year.
    I!!!8217;m very proud
    January NST 2/16
  • mardathamardatha Forumite
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    Fuddle I suppose the thing to start with is stuff that we cannot grow here at all, like olive oil, nuts and wine. Dried herbs are cheap, I wouldn't worry about them
    I'm the same as you in that we've had it good for a long time but now have dropped over £100 a week so I'm going back to how I managed when the kids were wee.
  • grunniegrunnie Forumite
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    I stockpile teabags and store them by date. I also have a few blocks of butter in the freezer they take up hardly any space and you can grate them from frozen for baking. How long does olive oil last does it go rancid? After a year or two? I also have a few bags of coffee beans in the freezer and I grind a few at a time no need to thaw out.
  • Tink_04Tink_04 Forumite
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    I totally agreee - I won't grow what we won't eat as it's a waste of space. I also don't really bother growing carrots as are often so cheap and YS 5p ones get prepped and frozen!

    Would love to grow sweet potatoes but have no idea how? I have a bag of king Edward potatoes and 2 bags of Maris pipers growing! We eat a lot of potatoes and can use chips, baked, boiled or mashed!

    Was thinking about my list and will need to add

    Tomatoe pur!e

    I'm sure I'll think of some more too.

    I was wondering about Gad and elec? Does anyone thing the services will be disrupted or will it just be cost rising?

    Living the simple life
  • FarwayFarway Forumite
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    Tink_04 wrote: »
    I was wondering about Gad and elec? Does anyone thing the services will be disrupted or will it just be cost rising? Tink

    Energy prices are basically linked to the world oil / gas prices, which is in US dollars. How that £ / $ exchange goes is anyone's guess

    There is no reason to think or believe that Brexit will impact on supply, why would it? The EU does not supply any of our oil or gas, we buy it on the open market with long term deals with, for instance, Saudi, Morocco, Norway, Russia
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    mardatha wrote: »

    We already eat 1950s UK style - mainly because the wartime cookbooks recommended to me by people on the OS threads really work for me and taste like real food :D Those new books have recipes with 900 ingreds (and every single one has to be either wild or distressed or torn) drive me insane :rotfl: I know where I am with lamb hotpot or cottage pie./QUOTE]

    I too eat like I did as a small child in the 1940s/50s but then I do also like to add a few herbs and spices to liven things up a bit.I agree an awful lot of cookbooks have far too many ingrediants, and unless you live within sight of a fancy deli or shop most ordinary shops just don't stock them anyway.

    Apparently at the start of the last big hostilities in 1939 my late Mum decided to get as many herbs and spices as she could find, and also stocked up on dried fruits sultanas ,currants etc and her friends thought she was mad, but my Mum had been born in 1900 so remembered how it was for my Granny to get hold of things during WW1.
    I don't think for one moment that things will get that bad, as we did manage to live reasonably well before joining the common market ,but things will change and inevitably there will be certain shortages. Quite what they will be I haven't a clue But I can't honestly see there being too much of a shortage of tinned beans etc . Maybe if you have the space a collection of seeds for growing your own may help. I am at the moment trying to live on my existing stocks of stuff I already have so I think I will be using that up first before I start to restock anything

    I too had a Haybox type thing back in the 1970s when there were electricity cuts almost daily and often you never knew when the electric would go off I was all electric in our house back then and could be seen trotting down to my oldest friends house to finish off a casserole at times until I got my haybox sorted. I had a large wooden box which I stuffed an old duvet into and filled the inbetween bits with screwed up newspaper It really does work and helped no end .

    Back in the late 1960s when money was in quite short supply I too cooked 'Vicars Mutton' with a leg of lamb that would cost my 17/6d (about 85p) but then my housekeeping for myself, my OH and two small children for the week was £8.10.00 (£8.50p) per week so every sixpence counted.
    Roasted Sunday ,cold Monday with pickle and mash, Tuesday shepards pie Wednesday rissoles and by Thursday my OH would hopefully ask if the Lamb was finished, it usually was the very last bit turned into a broth and a tiny curry bulked out with veg. Today a leg of lamb costs more than my OH earned in a week back then !! but I am still quite mindful of costs and can as my DD says 'stretch a pound until it pings' OS certainly and I am glad I am, thank goodness I had a canny little scots Mum who also managed to make a sixpence do the work of a shilling.

    JackieO xxx
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