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hey wonding if gyms (fitness first, pure gym etc) offer retention offers to retain customers in the same way as tv / phone companies do?


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    anyone had experience of this
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    I dont think you will get any discount on your monthly fee.

    Gyms tend to like everybody paying the same amount, I expect because members often speak to eachother and they will end up having to offer a reduced fee to the other members. This isnt so likely with phone and TV deals.

    You might be able to get some free kit or food/drink vouchers if they have a cafe.
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    It really depends on the gym- I've experienced everything from calling me up to discuss what wasn'r working for me and followed by a discount, the old style pleading to keep me. But by far the most common response is nothing. No offers no deals and not matching any newbie sign up offers.
    It really depends where you are looking at.
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