SolarEdge dashboard issue!

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    We used to use an old wireless router connected by a lan cable but then I found one of the boxes the installer had left was the wifi module so case off, plug it in and use the 'wps' pairing button on the modem/wireless router and the correct menu option and jobs a goodun - easy to redo too each year when I change broadband provider and thus modem router box.

    Funnily enough I have not had it connected a fair amount of the time but solaredge website seesm to know about all my generation so I think there must be pretty much unlimited internal storage, not just 14 days on our model.
    I think....
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    A lad from our Installers duly arrived this morning bringing with him the booster promised. Have to confess that I'd no idea what form this might take but presumed it would be attached to either the Inverter or Router!
    But no, it simply plugs into any wall socket somewhere between the two. Once paired with each I'm advised that there should be no further problems. Only time will tell. While with us he also linked my wifes phone to it ensuring a constant signal for that as well. As for my phone, well it's a bit ancient with no such facility, but only requires charging once a week and does all I need it to.

    Not sure if it's actually boosting the signal here or not, but after a grey start and with only 5 kwh registered by the time he left, the sun is now out and we've 26 kwh recorded. It's certainly boosted something!

    Thanks all for your time and helpful suggestions.
    East coast, lat 51.97. 8.26kw SSE, 23° pitch + 0.59kw WSW vertical. Nissan Leaf plus Zappi charger and 2 x ASHP's. Still waiting for V2H and home storage to become available at sensible cost.
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