MSE News: Got an Amex charge card? How to save £140 a year or bag two extra airport lounge passes...

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Anyone who holds an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card can save on the £140 annual fee and bag two free lounge passes by getting the new, near-identical credit card alternative...
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'Got an Amex charge card? How to save £140 a year or bag two extra airport lounge passes
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    I am after some advise on this card please, i have never owned a credit card and have a good credit history. I have the intention of getting this credit card and just using it for the lounge passes as i am visiting a number of airports this year and i thought it would make sense to get 2 free visits & then my additonal visit would only cost me £15 each. Once i have used it on my airport visits i would cancel the card as it would no longer be of use to me.

    Can anyone advise me if this is sensible or not ?

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    Yes that is an option. A lot of people apply, get the bonus points and the passes and then cancel and reapply after 6 months. It's always good to have a credit card for s75 cover and also to build up a good credit history. Just make sure you pay the amount off each month.
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    I already have a platinum cash back card. I'm trying to figure out if I will earn the 20,000 points if I apply for this new card. Has anybody with a platinum card applied and received them?
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    Very similar question as the prior poster - if I hold a BA amex already, will I be eligible for the 20,000 points reward at all?
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    Can I apply for an Amex Preferred Rewards Gold card if I've had one (& then cancelled after a year) previoulsy?
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    Ok answering myself and hopefully the other posters.
    As my card is a different scheme - cashback not rewards points - I will be eligible to get the 20,000 points. ACCA I think you would get it as the BA card is for avios points, so again a different scheme. Phil, I'm not sure as your card was the same scheme although the break might help you.
    Best thing to do is to phone them and double check.
  • Hi all,

    I know this is an older thread, but I am looking to move from Amex Gold charge card to Amex Gold Credit Card. I've not used my 2 free lounge passes this year and was wondering if I can keep them even after I close my charge card. Anyone have any experience on this?

  • No you can't. Are you still in your first year of the charge card?
  • No, I'm into my chargeable years now, so would probably want to move to the free card sooner... Although would be great if there was a way to keep my accrued points and still get the welcome bonus on my new card, but think those loopholes have been closed off too.
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