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Easter Eggs reduced in price - where are the best offers??

I am sure usually the supermarkets over stock there Easter egg stock, to make sure there customers don't go else where. Anyone know who has reduced there eggs at the moment, and for how much??
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    Unless they are cheaper than the price per 100gm of equivalent chocolate, I can't see why anyone would want to buy Easter eggs after the event.
  • Sky_Sky_ Forumite
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    The mysupermarket website compares prices of your shopping trolley across different supermarkets, so that might be the best place to start looking.

    I don't usually buy Easter eggs so can't help more, sorry.
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    I went to Salisbury's today, there was no eggs to be seen at my local store.

    I also went to Ada today, it seems they have reduced there eggs by 50% so far, so bargains there to be had.

    Lastly, I visited mr T today. there was eggs, but none were reduced so far :(
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