Updated Printable Money off Coupons & Chat Thread 31

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Updated Printable Money off Coupons & Chat Thread 31

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Welcome to the new coupon thread!!!

If you are new to our group please be sure to read at least the first few posts as you will be amazed at how much you will learn. Please continue to look for coupons and post any finds.
All talked about coupons are in 1st few pages so please take the time to read through.

Please feel free to post your finds on here. I want this thread to be the most friendly one. There are no rules apart from being nice and friendly to each other especially newbies.

Thank you idlesaver for managing the last thread


Thread index/links
Fixed date coupons/ PDFs no software needed
Coupons by Post
Coupons that need registration to a website
Available coupons
Available coupons
FAQs & Policies
Ways to contact Supermarkets
Coupon posting/printing info,news & abbreviations
Couponnet advice (Veggiecar)
meal deals/days out coupons & codes
Try Me Free & Receipt Apps http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=74105048&postcount=9

Handy Direct Links

MySupermarket - http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk

Tesco Coupon Policy https://www.tesco.com/help/in-store-faq/

Asda Coupon Policy https://asda-stores.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail_grow/a_id/1884/kw/coupon

Safe Coupons link to verify the unique number on coupons http://www.safecoupons.com/index.php


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    FAQs & Policies

    Coupon FAQs
    (also see here for another source of info.)

    If anyone is having trouble printing valassis coupons, they ask you to install a coupon printer, this works. post http://www.redplum.com/help/how-do-i-install-the-coupon-printing-software

    Thanks to Aesop

    Q: How many coupons can I print?
    A: Most couponnet-type coupons are only available to be printed once (or twice if you click no when asked if it printed successfully or the back button). Any PDF or JPG coupons can usually be printed as many times as you like (remember to save them to your computer, just in case the online version disappears!).
    Contributed by: Honey9036
    in response to this
    Q: when i clicked on print, it came up with my printer settings so i thought i'd see if changing the amount of copies i wanted would work, and it did!this is not allowed so please don't.
    a good response by CW as to why not
    A:You must not print more than one coupon with the same pin number, if you do the store will not get their money back and you will damage the coupon acceptance policy in your store and possibly all supermarkets.Supermarkets only get paid once per pin number. printing multiple copies with the same pin number is the same as photocopying. just apply again using different details so that the coupon has a different pin number.
    Contributed by: Couponwoman

    Q: How can coupons be traced back to you
    A: Many coupons are linked to registry of your computer. It has nothing to do with IP address.
    If they realise that the coupon printing has been abused from a particular PC, there are chances of banning you from any further coupons in the future. And it is very very difficult to remove that ban.
    And this has happened to few, on here in the past. so be careful...!!!!!
    Contributed by: IDLESAVER

    Q:why can't i install coupon printer?
    A : here's some fixes that should work . here or here or here or here (for those using MAC)
    Contributed by: isolice and copperheadjack and chattmum & happychappy

    Q: Is there any way to get more couponnet-type coupons?
    A: Yes, but only if you have access to another computer(s). The coupon software knows how many times each individual computer has printed the coupon. Also, see here.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: I'm having problems printing couponnet coupons...any advice?
    A: See here or here for info.
    Contributed by: Veggiecar

    Q: The PDF prints are too big or small and fuzzy....any advice?
    A: See here or here for info.
    Contributed by: Veggiecar and Coupon-mad

    Q: Does it matter if the coupon is printed in colour or black & white?
    A: Technically it should not matter, however some staff automatically equate black & white prints with photocopies - which are NOT permitted.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: Do I need to use my real identity (email, etc) when registering for printable coupons?
    A: Where possible, the 1st post will indicate whether a genuine email address is required or not (eg when verification is required by clicking a link in a received email). However, in most cases it it ok to use a false email address, since most of the coupons print instantly.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: Can I use coupons on the self-scan checkouts?
    A: No reason why not - but it's advisable to check with the self-scan supervisor to be sure.
    Contributed by: Honey9036

    Q: What or who is a "Trout"?
    A: TROUT is the expression used by people on here for cashiers of a certain age, usually female, that are miserable for the sake of being miserable, unhappy in their work, jealous of people with mocs and do their level best to prevent anyone using coupons...try your very best to avoid them at the checkouts......(See here also.)
    Contributed by: Bullshot & Coupon Tilly

    Q: Where else can I get coupons from, apart from printables?
    A: Check newspapers & magazines. Also try looking for products with coupons on. Also, join the Tesco clubs - see here. You can always look at freebie forum link here sometime the promoter send the sample with coupon attached to it. example : Nivea, Clipper tea, any many more.
    Contributed by: Dr.Who-Who and Bluewkd
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    Ways to contact Tesco, for problems with using coupons

    1) Tesco Customer Services - Head Office
    CEO - David Lewis
    [email protected]

    2)Customer Services:
    0800 505 555
    [email protected]

    3) Write to:
    F.A.O : Team Leader
    Tesco Customer Service Centre
    Baird Avenue
    DD2 3TN

    Way to contact Morrisons, for coupon use problems

    1) Morrisons Customer Services - Head Office
    CEO - David Potts
    [email protected]

    2) Customer Services
    08456116111 or 01274 261000
    [email protected]

    3) Write to:
    Hilmore House
    Gain Lane
    BD3 7DL

    Way to contact Sainsburys:

    1) Sainsburys Customer Service - Head Office
    CEO - Mike Coupe
    [email protected]

    2) Customer Services
    0800 636262
    [email protected]

    3) Wrire to:
    Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
    33 Holborn
    EC1N 2HT

    coupon acceptance policy from Sainsburys website here

    Ways to contact asda

    1) ASDA Customer Services - Head Office
    CEO - Sean Clarke
    [email protected]

    2) Customer Services
    0800 952 0101
    [email protected]

    3) Write to:
    Asda House
    Southbank Great Wilson Street,
    LS11 5AD

    coupon acceptance policy from asda website here
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    Fixed Expiry coupons, PDFs - no software download needed
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    Coupons by Post

    Aptamil baby club MoCs + info ( enter code MAPR0911 to recieve cuddly polar bear)

    Change 4 Life smart swaps campaign
    various coupons as yet unknown


    Cow & Gate Mum & Baby Club - Stuff + MOCs
    (enter code MB0709C or PB0911CA to receive cuddly cow)
    (MOCs sent out when baby is aged: 4mths, 6mths, 9mths and 11mths)


    Drynites Free sample and Coupon £1

    Ellas Kitchen sign up , weaning guide + MoC

    Huggies pull ups - sample & 2x £1 MoCs

    Tesco Baby Club, Join and get the Free samples and MOCs through post

    Tena men sample (hopefully MoC)
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    Coupons that needed registration to a website to print


    NEW - they now text you a verification code to your mobile before you can print the coupons.
    greyed out ones not available at the moment
    £2.49 Lenor Secrets
    £1.50 Gillette Venus
    £2.49 Aussie Hail Oil
    £2.49 Pantene Hair Oil
    £1.50 Head & Shoulders Supreme
    £1.00 Fairy Fabric Softener
    50p Fairy Washing Up Liquid
    £2.00 Fairy Dishwasher tablets
    £2.00 Bold 3in1
    £2.00 Ariel 3in1 pods

    £1.50 Aussie
    [75p Viakel
    50p Lenor
    £1.00 Unstoppables Scent Boosters
    75p Pantene Superfoods Shampoo or Conditioner
    50p Flash Gel
    75p Always Discreet
    £1.00 Herbal Essence Bio
    £1.00 Febreze Air Freshener

    £1.00 Oral B Toothpaste

    CaringEveryday coupons (Johnsons)

    £1.00 BENYLIN Dry & Tickly Cough Syrup
    50p BENYLIN Chesty Cough Non Drowsy
    50p BENYLIN Mucus Cough Max Menthol flavor 100 mg/5ml Oral Solution
    50p BENYLIN Mucus Cough Max Honey & Lemon flavor 150ml

    75p Imodium Plus Comfort Tablets 6s
    50p COLPERMIN IBS Relief Capsules 20's
    £2.00 COLPERMIN IBS relief 100's

    £1.00 12 Pack of JOHNSON's Gentle all over Baby Wipes
    50p JOHNSON'S Baby Bedtime Range
    50p JOHNSON'S Baby Classics Range 500mls

    50p LISTERINE Nightly Reset
    50p LISTERINE CoolMint

    £5.00 REGAINE for Women Once a Day Scalp Foam 5% w/w Cutaneous Foam
    £5.00 REGAINE for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam 5% w/w Cutaneous Foam

    £5.00 NICORETTE QuickMist - Single 1mg/spray (approx. 150 sprays)
    £5.00 NICORETTE QuickMist Cool Berry - Single 1mg/ spray (approx. 150 sprays)


    £1.00 Fairy Non Bio Pods
    £1.00 Bold 3in1 Pods
    75p Flash Ultra Spray
    £1.50 Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tabs
    50p Oral B Whitening Therapy toothpaste
    £1.00 Unstoppables
    £2.00 Olay Regenerist
    £1.00 Always Discreet Boutique
    50p Fixodent

    Tesco Clubcard coupons to use online or to print & use Instore
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    Current Available Coupons


    Real Iced Tea - standard pack £1.00 https://www.realicedtea.com/gb/en/offers/moneyoff.html


    Saving this link here as coupons will proberly be back soon https://www.john-west.co.uk/trawler-fun/coupons/

    Dr Oetker Baking signup to We Bake £1.00 https://www.webake.co.uk/

    Judes Ice Cream £1.00

    Perfect World Ice Cream £1.00 TESCO ONLY

    White jumbo organic oats 750g £1.00 - newsletter sign, use in Waitrose https://www.whitesoats.co.uk/voucher-offer



    Clairol Nice N Easy Hair Colour £1.00 https://app.verticly.com/10296-VMQFVGSK/


    Emmas Diary Baby Club - Various Argos

    Piccolo Baby 50p
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    Current Available Coupons


    Gourmet cat food £1.00

    Harrington Pet Foods
    http://www.harringtonspetfood.com/vouchers none available at the moment

    50p Dry Dog Food Puppy Turkey & Rice 2kg
    50p Chicken Roll Dog Treats
    £1.00 Dry Dog Food Small 1.75kg
    50p Chicken Cat Treats
    50p Cat hairball treats
    50p Cat Liver treats
    50p Cat Tuna treats
    50p Dog Salmon Rolls 100g
    50p Dog Training treats 100g
    50p Optimum Guinea Pig 2kg
    50p Optimum Rabbit 2kg
    50p Puppy treats 100g
    £1.00 Dry Dog Grain Free Turkey & Veg 1.75g

    Hills Pet Food (use in Vet Clinic or Pet Shops) £5.00 https://www.hillspet.co.uk/my-pet-companion

    Pooch & Mutt Dog Food Products (Tesco Extra, Morrisons, Waitrose or Pets at Home) 50p ENDS 31/1/2028 http://www.poochandmutt.com/coupon/#.Ws8rNYjwazc


    Farmfoods conditional spend coupons (click on black circle, top right) Changed - now you sign up with your email and they send you a link to confirm/to vouchers. Its now 2 welcome vouchers for £5 off £50 spend

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    Try Me Free Promo Pack Products & Receipt Apps (NO REFERRAL LINKS PLEASE)

    Folks don't forget to check the try me free thread too here


    Spontex product https://trymeloveme.spontex.co.uk/claim
    Walkers Crisps https://www.tasteusloveus.com/


    GreenJinn app
    Save money, shop smarter!
    Start saving £100+ monthly with GreenJinn cashback app! Get coupons personalised to your needs and live healthier! Available in the UK for Sainsburys, Waitrose and TESCO! (more shops coming soon).

    - for android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greenjinn.greenjinncoupons&hl=en_GB
    - for Apple https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/greenjinn-cashback-app-uk/id1113992461?mt=8

    Checkoutsmart for both android and apple
    Current Offers - https://www.checkoutsmart.com/deals

    Topcashback Snap and Save offers

    Quidco Click Snap



    Holland & Barrett Reward Program

    Coupon rewards & offers for those shopping with Holland & Barrett
    Collect points on your shopping , receive 150 points/£1.50 when you first sign up register here , T&Gs here

    IF YOU WANT REFERRALS PLEASE LOOK FOR RELEVANT THREAD HERE http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.php?f=42
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    Thanks myrtleturtle for all your hard work updating the thread.
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    Make upto £10 a day - September 2019 £0.00

    Make upto £10 a day - best thread ever. :A
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